Sherman Alexie, We are Young, and some fruit smashin’

So, making a marathon-run for the time I haven’t been updating my blog (wait until you see the restaurants list this week!) – I love this video by the way – HYSTERICAL – it reminds me of well, someone smashing Watermelons, like, GALLAGHER!  🙂  (yes, see? Random? – Tonight, We Are Young,) There is something about smashing fruit, in front of people…

Okay serious now…seriously!…(I DO LOVE SLEDGE – O – MATIC!)

… back to Sherman Alexie….DJ Hamilton was kind enough to send me this article, on Sherman Alexie’s newest interview.

And I was hooked…it was not for the reason that I tried to get a book of his poetry for a teacher as ASF, or watched Smoke Signals, but it was that fateful night in Slippery Rock, when upon referring to Sherman Alexie in my newly created thesis, “Opening the Window of Time”, I was lucky enough to meet Sherman Alexie who sat beside me at dinner at Slippery Rock University – this was an amazing night.  Thanks to Dr. Permenter, Alexie came to Slippery Rock, I gave him the rough transcripts of my thesis at that time, and to this date, I remember two main things…

1- Asking Mr. Alexie what would be a common way that could get everyone to share beliefs together and in my naive believe multiculturalism was about everyone agreeing, he answered, “There is no way!” – he was right.  I have learned that one of the greatest things is the differences that separate us, yet that very thing should be the aspect that connects us!

2- I asked Mr. Alexie where in the WORLD he received the inspiration for one of the greatest pieces he wrote, and his explanation was hysterical yet showed me how talented he is!  (You will have to ask him the meaning if you’re curious! )

I look back and hope to send the finalized version of my overall piece to Mr. Alexie, with an amazing memory of how he inspired be back then to

“…keep moving, keep walking in step with your skeletons. They ain’t ever going to leave you, so you don’t have to worry about that. Your past ain’t going to fall too far behind and your future won’t get too far ahead. Sometimes, though, your skeletons will talk to you, tell you to sit down, take a rest, breathe a little. Maybe they’ll make you promises, tell you all the things you want to hear.”

Thanks for the recollection Mr. Hamilton.

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