Four things…or more?

Okay, yes, I have been less than lackluster in being punctual with the updates, especially the updates on the of restaurants, but they are forthcoming, but when?  Well…Okay enough about procrastination – four things that are amazing before you move to be wowed by the next posts…:)

One – Open Mic Night was AWESOME for 2012 with bands, poetry, the whole gamut, I cannot say it enough – the talent that was shared among a whole great would have amazed many – and it is a shame there weren’t more BUT – October 24th will be your chance to see an even larger planned event – I am just amazed every night over the talent of students around us, that amaze me every day in and out of the classroom!  Oh, and there is something about a band in the library – AWESOME….:)  Thanks Miguel for the shots!



2-   There is no greater satisfaction than being able to share people’s moments, and this one one of them, above, Open Mic Night, and the night before, Open Mic Night at the VFW thanks to Jack Little, a GIANT in open Mic Night in Condesa – his 22nd issue of his magazine is out – check it out here at:  (Our Own ASF D.J.Hamilton is in there!)

but that wasn’t the news, a fellow poet and scholar, Osseily Hanna,who is on a sojourn to Yale – you wouldn’t believe it but it involves Edward W. Said’s widow – CRAZY!  , then to TURKEY – he was preparing to leave this week, the week of the Open Mic Night, and I did acquire his mattress, so maybe his writing genes will soak through to me? (doubtful) – but his leaving was sad, yet inspiring based on what he is headed to do.  He had read an a piece translated alongside Mr. Hamilton on a previous night and it was AWESOME – on this night I was contemplating reading something.  But I literally had NOTHING written, and I had 20 minutes…so I wrote a piece in 20 minutes, and guess what I called it?  – okay, yes, 20 Minutes.  🙂  I was impressed that others liked it and I read it the next night – if you feel it is good at all give me a shout of why, but remember, the students around me inspired it! – (Both Delaware, and before, and now in Mexico!)

20 Minutes or THINGS People say”

 Apprehension, tension, the heart in pumping,

Sweaty palms, furled brow, this is my first time at….

Being an impression in front of others, pushing mothers

Fathers to trust me to guide their child towards a direction I feel,

I Feel…who am I to take their child and mold them a certain way,

Who are their parents to send them on their way without breakfast

Lunch dinner, who is the winner here in a world where I teach children how

To pass a test of their confidence, judged by the state, on those who do not

Represent the immediate state of affairs of the government, is this a teacher?

Mr Brake – Yes? – Fast fast , you talk to fast, you might be from Pennsylvaina and all that mumbo jumbo but this is Delaware, no, not De a Where, Delaware, the lower slower get it, SLOWER – SLOWER Mr B – 6 years already?  Teaching in mix

Of life, get out and do things rather than hang onto the skins of book – Hey – would help me coach, illustrate, design, lead, volunteer in your spare time?

Teaching educating, is there a difference, I form my own space, place to call what I do educating, staying behind after the grind of teachers running for the door, this new vocation, I call education, not teaching, education it calls for dinner for the twins, breakfast for Trista, confidante, inspirer, ride home ride back to the periods where I teach to the test, the test the test, when are you going to get higher scores on the test?

Tell me, what does The test do for them, for me, does it put food on their plates on your plates as a school, looking cool as trying to be one of the best in a lower slower state where the vice president migrates from that is Delaware,  Del a Where….

Do we go from here, twelve years, and I still get chills, up my spine, sweats in my hand – my pulse quickens, wanting to impress as if it was my first time, in front of

People that is right, not student as they became the young woman to attend the Naval academy,  dancing to the stars, take her father’s place in infamy, they were educated, not taught, they felt the feeling I feel, the test is not for me, what about life, trust, mistakes, learning, education, where does that fit into the PSAT, the applications you want to be the determination of who this young man woman is…

Thirteen years leaving behind my family of students to preserve my sanity at the same time of being an educator – no not teacher – educator – to show the importance of a life truly lived as if it is your last – chance to show everyone you

Have a spark they can’t influence, test, score, you wanted more you whi I like to call

MY STUDENT like a proud parent who can give you breakfast, lunch and dinner in the form of promises, hope and motivation that will guide you when you feel alone with – criticism, failure, they leave and represent me all over –

You do too much – you need to say no – do I?  Can you make create this scenario, will you support my voice, my choice to ask you to help me but I need to say no

 Listen – this is me – spreading me into others and having them shine being proud of being who they are and not afraid to impress another

 To many years I watched before, as you ran out the door, at the last bell, satisfied you gave the well answers to your students and rushing back to your homes, never leaving room for the home you could among people that admired you –

Wished to – just ask for  five minutes to get some help – some advice, guidance – this is the meaning of a teacher, or an educator –

Mexico – thirteen years have gone by and family in the form of students and educators that want something more – to give art back to those that create art in their everyday students – proud to be the father of so many youth with sometimes proof they are a star – among the many that stray afar and wonder – what do I matter – Do I? mean something to happen that will change my life, end my strife, end my hunger, provide the thunder of who I am as an individual yet also someone that wants to care to talk to me

It races by but here I am – thirteen years surrounded by youth who do not feel it is uncool to have me in their presence, yet – how do I explain the sweaty palms, the furrowed brow, catching breath – they – will move on and not out of sight but into my memory taking me with them on one wild ride that became my life, their life, making strides past “You do too much” Say No once in awhile”-

Stop – Slow down – realize these nervous palpitations are a result of letting them go – on as these amazing young leaders found something inside of them they knew was there – but did not how to let out as those that ran out the door – shouted back, Say No – Pull back – do less…”

So that was actually 2 things so let’s move to 4 – 🙂 –

Sick – I hate being sick – we did pizza sales this past Saturday success for Repentino! – but not for my stomach – flashback – last year – rafting, overboard, felt like I swallowed half the river , bed _SICK like never before – this time, a year later, since Saturday – feeling like a sword is coming through my stomach, Montezuma’s revenge all through my body – aching, sweaty, nauseous, but not QUITE as bad as last year – amazing I am still alive? – no that is not the amazing part, lol…Kinah patiently waiting ALL day and night for me, as if she knew I was sick, and when I finally managed to CRAWL out the door to walk her, she let it go but had waited all that time until I could go – yes, she is the wonder stray of the year…:) and now tomorrow is Wednesday I head back, a few pounds lighter, but grateful for these four things that carry so many smaller gifts inside them…

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