Swedish Mafia House, 1:16, 104, and Fabian…

Okay QUIZ kids, what do the three have in common?  Seriously, you don’t even have a clue?  Come on…..:)

Sheesh –  let me explain…: ) Walking Kinah to Park Rio De Janeiro (I love that this is 2 block from my house) I causally saw a glow-in-the-dark frisbee being thrown across the Michaelangelo’s fountain of David, and I thought, I want one of those…as we made our way back across the plaza, one of the participants approached me and said something like “Swedish Mafia” and I was like…haven’t seen them (I was laughing) but in reality, was he was telling me was, had I heard the BAND named Swedish Mafia?!  lol, and I said no, but he instantly pointed to Kinah and said she is in that video, her replica!  No kidding, I came home, and as Fabian told me, at exactly 1:16 in the video called  Save the World, there is Kinah’s TWIN !  I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so here is the screenshot…:)





Anyways, if you listen to the words, it fits, WHo is going to SAVE the world?  Suburban, urban Kinah had been everywhere and yet, who would imagine that such a gentle, thoughtful, and forgiving animal would be loose in the streets?  The video does a god job of getting this across to the viewers too, too many people out there that need a helping hand and if we all pitch in, the world would be a much better place.  Good band, good message, great tune…Oh the 104?  Yes, that is where Fabian lives as he told me and urged me , “Please have puppies, PLEASE!, I want one of these dogs! – so I still refrain from fixing Kinah with the possibility of another one as generous as her existing in the future…?…maybe…and I found out that behind the Sixties bar/restaurant on Insurgentes, the frisbee, I am so getting one, DEFINITELY!  🙂  Interesting night…:)


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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