I washed a cat- and realized it’s a Doggy Dog World…

…more info tonight after Open Mic Night in Condesa!  🙂  Stay tuned!

Okay, so it was not that night, hence you get the idea of my schedule as of late.  Yes, it is true, I washed an orphaned cate,  he is a cutie, and he did not offer up a fight – (surprising) and The Toy Story Shampoo I used (sorry, could not find any kittie shampoo! – )  he patiently endured this – but 3 days to countdown on getting fixed and well – hopefully the aggression issue will simmer down a bit – NOT liking other cats – AT ALL 🙂    Time, nothing but time…:)

Doggy Dog World, okay, so entering the Dog world, it can’t get to get some help.  So I ran into this awesome food supplier, Cynthia Kaplan, who creates homemade and wrapped in tamale/stalk leaves, and yes the dog loved it.  Let me let you see the description below of the food – When I serve the food to the Kinah!  (That’s right! Her new name is KINAH thanks to Sophia Sanchez!  WOOOHOOO!  it means strong-willed, and um, yes needless to say that fits!)  I am asking myself – “Are you sure this is not made for people?  It looks that good!”:

Hottest SPA in Mexico!

Cynthia Kaplan      Chief Dog Lover       +52 1 (044) 55 5401-0885


@luckydogmex         Cocina Lucky Dog 5264-6700

Avenida Monterrey 314-2, esq Tepic    Roma Sur

Article for Lucky Dog –  Info Lucky Dog English

I think that Kinah had Max and Canelo’s beef n veggie stew, made from human grade beef and beef heart (for zinc and minerals); grains like brown rice, amaranth, and rolled oats and flaxseed, several veggies including carrots, beats, broccoli and chayote, and the right balance of minerals and vitamins to keep dogs eating healthy over the long term.  We believe that dogs, like their human companions, need to eat more fresh and balanced foods to live longer and have fewer medical problems.

And as the article says we also have a line of natural treats (liver, apple and banana and veggie with cranberries), “pupcakes” and birthday cakes to order.

Our chef was trained in the US in an industrial kitchen that makes over 6000 meals a day for school children, so I’m very confident about the way Lucky Dog is made—very hygienically, and cooked in the best possible way to maximize nutrient content.  And as we are trying to be a socially responsible company, we wrap the portions in a banana leaf (like a tamal, but healthier) which is natural packaging instead of using plastic.  And then we freeze it and deliver it to your home in 14 portions (2 x day/week).

The food, um yeah, it was amazing and I am pretty sure her coat looked better in a few weeks – it was awesome knowing she liked the food better than the high end dry food at the vet!  🙂

Moving forward – today – September 26th, we break into the School Improvement class of teaching Blogging and wiki’s – tackling students here at ASF the 911 project started 5 + years ago at Seaford! – IF YOU WERE part of that interviewing process when we went, I need you to send me the year you went and your name please – we’re going to make history! – as well as preparing for the Global Education Conference November 12th – 17th as well as the – NCTE November 15th – 20th –  and do not forget our Repentino. staff are already sifting through submissions as we speak!  AND –

speaking of Repentino. 🙂   – Open Mic Night!  WOW!  The band, Guardians of the 1st Amendment, GREAT!  GREAT!  Miguel taking pictures, Salomon organizing the magazines, poetry by new, familiar, it was AWESOME!  October 24th is our new Open Mic night in October, but I need some more submission from around the world!  Please – send us your stories, poetry, photos, art we want it all!

Check out on Facebook Repentino. and you will catch our submission criteria, email, Tumbler, and Twitter! – so Repentino. keeps moving forward.

El Grito 2012 was rainy, but we did much better than last year as we sold more and PIZZA!  🙂  We had full staff here and pictures will be forthcoming (My GOSH! – I still need pictures updated from the last post!) – Repentino. staff is moving steadily and fast with meeting every Monday – in 304 and wow, (knock on wood) we are way ahead of last year  which is a VERY good thing…yet there are 4 more things you will not believe….:)

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