“Dude! Did my mother in law charge you for the cranium?!!!j”

Hands down, the last week has been mega exhilarating – yet – super duper frustrating in moments, and yet – I am so excited with the prospects of the new hires – their attitudes, patience, and overall view – it has been so exciting having them arrive!

I am writing this on Sunday – skipping the events on Saturday – because….we are having a surprise to present Saturdays’ events, so stay tuned – trust me it will be worth it LOL – but today was full of new hire Julien from Canada –  hanging out here at my place, sleeping freaking in – the first time in AGES – felt AWESOME!   🙂  – then slowly getting awake and heading to the Sumesa to pick up an awesome breakfast – ate tons of bakery goods back at the place – then off to the Alvaro Obregon bazaar where we shopped and gawked – then we caught a restaurant in Condesa that showed the events at the Olympics- and whoa Jamaica!  Bolt was amazing!  It was an exciting view of the Olympics! – THEN we headed home to the cool restaurant – Wok this Way – YES – DELICIOUS MEGA!  We spied a mother, father, and beautiful daughter outside waiting for a table so we grabbed our items and cleared the way for them to come in and use the table – our good deed for the day!


We arrived back at the apartment, and crash!  Sleep a rama!  It was a beautiful day – and just an awesome day to be creating a second year and life in Mexico!  🙂

Oh, thought I would leave you hanging on the quote?  We went to Helen and Alejandro’s Saturday (only thing I will reveal about Saturday) and she generously gave me the game Cranium, but I paid for it, ( her mother in law was awesome, tracking the sales and giving receipts for items – and Alex and Helen making a progress bar of all items sold!) – hence the text as she wanted to GIVE the game to me, but I paid, lol.  Awesome text, I think I need to memorialize this quote, lol.

IF anyone is needing items from Helen’s, I posted pictures on my wall facebook for people to see!


It has been a packed – filled week – and exciting, as well as very reflective – amazing people and amazing moments – as we slowly head to the beginning of a new 2012 year – I am thankful for all the moments – both tough and fun – that have led me to this moment 😉


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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