“There are not alot of attractive female librarians…”

This must be the month for funny quotes…sorry, I was looking through some images of a conference where librarians were assembled and noticed you do not see alot of librarians that are well, honestly, attractive…meaning alot of the female librarians (few men which is kind of cool) – are just well, Mr. Potato-ish and less active physically looking I guess – okay well, I feel bad for noticing and stating this now – but I hope by getting into 5-6 5k’s this year, bettering my diet, and just being more active outdoors – the stereotype of a librarian that is a hermit and indoors shelving texts all the time can be broken….:)  Still, it was a funny quote at the time, 🙂

Today alot of cool firsts – at ASF we had out first real day of orientations for new staff – we remarked, myself as well, how cool this group of new teachers are – compared to my group last year, these individuals are not whiners, complainers, pessimistic, and they are optimistic, SO much more than my group last year, and that has made this year so much better already!  🙂  I vented about frustrations with people being a little too picky about things, and by the end of the day at school we managed to cover the bulletin boards with backgrounds, hold an orientation of the library, chat in a catered lunch, arrange a 9:00 AM meeting tomorrow for the library, as well as finish the day with a good sense that 2012 -2013 is starting!  YEAH!

It gets better, while my gas had been disconnected while I was gone over break, and I paid it, and the new teacher Julienne who has been staying with me, from Canada, have been taking freaking cld showers wondering why the gas has not been turned on – we found out today, thank to the prodding of HC – we HAVE HOT WATER AGAIN!  YEAAAAAH!  This was exciting as we could finally cook meals too – and not have to freak in a cold shower in the morning – and yes!  It gets betters!  The television I bought from Helen gets near perfect reception with the rabbit ears she gave us – no freaking way!  Free high speed internet AND free television?  AND hot showers?  Good day.

This brings me to a good point, some people expect the best of everything, and when one little thing goes wrong, that’s it – done.  Life sucks.  Then there is that group of people that keep an open mind through the bad events that occur, and can actually enjoy life’s smallest victories and smallest events that make life just, well, grand!  I like those people in the second group as it seems the details of life do not escape them so much as people that expect the grand things in life to happen all the time.  Life is funny, yet, your perspective is everything!

This week is a MeetUp event in Condesa, and next week, a dilemma between Jack Little’s poetry reading a chance to dine in the Internations , at the Mexican World Trade Center for a gathering there, 150+ expatriots – which seems to be an opportunity.

Cool evening as I reconnected with the schedule of graduate classes at Mansfield University getting ready for fall classes – 2 more for the fall, 2 more for the spring, one for the summer, maybe 2 for the Fall of 2013 – and…..DONE!  YEAH!  I can hardly wait!

I made traditional milkshakes tonight and that made everything all right…:)

It is exciting that Mexico is so vibrant and active – filled with culture and new people every turn of the way that can make life, well, just worth experiencing.  Again, perspective is everything!



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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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