El Ocho night out!

It was the end of a long week, LOOOONG WEEK  – and I remembered El Ocho filled with games and space, but never had the chance to try it out!  On a cool and clear night, we met at 9:30 PM to try out El Ocho.  Well not exactly – after a huge long and active day – I headed home and collapsed, doing something I had not done in awhile – CLEAN!  🙂  I cleaned, vacuumed, cleaned, vaccumed, it actually started to look like a normal apartment!

Helen Kang and Alejandro Martinez brought Hangover  – over to the apartment and he settled in his own room, lol, and still seems to be quiet.  I refrained from pictures until we see how he settles in…:)  I do not like they are leaving for Korea!

They dropped me off at El Ocho and at 9:30 I was worried, would anyone come?  Turns out – they did on perfect Mexican time!  We had a cool and AWESOME group – as pictures show – we waited a bit,  but the seat by the game table was AWESOME!  lol…

Playing space invaders, to Frogger only with food, spin the bottle, lol, to lots of others this was the whole side of El Ocho I missed and with a little wait, worth the wait thanks to the space!  This was a welcome evening to just relax and let ourselves think not of anything to do with orientation, just think of how exciting the year will become – yeah!


Intensity during the game helped set the tone, and overall, this was a whole different aspect side from the delicious food, the company was EXCITING, upbeat, and fun despite the pace everyone has been on!  The intensity given to the games were better and a nice change than trying to remember all the details on this Friday night!  


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