What happens when you’re new to a country? Really? (Maybe!)

Sorry for the title, but it will work itself out in the details below, promise!

As being Thursday August 2nd, so many events have happened, so many!  All memorable! Strange too – hail the other day the size of dimes came down pounding my umbrella – and I was just caught in the rain, then hail, and had – was relentless!  Moving onto the week of orientation – wow, I have met so many amazingly positive and excited people – this is AWESOME!  The thrill of finding apartments for people and giving them your viewpoint honestly – it very difficult for you not to enjoy – and we are now standing back seeing a sense of accomplishment as each person gets more comfortable.

Tonight was dinner at Paul Williams’ (ASF head)  house and as usual, all was as positive, exciting, vibrant, and happy as you could imagine – it was awesome seeing everyone forget their worries, and enjoy good food, good friends, and just overall a great  atmosphere.  Getting there, a different story…

All seemed normal, we meet at ASF, bus in front, then I noticed Maurico stating the driver was being taken away by the police?  What the heck?  Sure enough the driver was NOT supposed to park in front of the hotel, and therefore had a boot placed on the bus – the bus we were supposed to go to Paul’s on!  LOL….We figured out that the police were asking for the fine (400 pesos) to remove the boot, only catch is the driver had to pay at the station 5 blocks away.  I JUST happened to grab money and was initially not bringing any – the fine was 500 pesos, which I happened to have, so I paid it to the driver so we could get to our destination.  He went to the police to pay the fine, we waited, and sure enough, he came back we hopped on, and yeah!  We got there!  In the meantime, the other bus, at ASF, had been called to pick us up in case the driver could not go where he needed, and met us just as our bus was leaving – it was a caravan!  lol….

As always, with some excitement, we headed our way – arrived, and settled into an evening of fine dining and hospitality thanks to Mr. Paul Willams and the HC staff!  The newly arrived educators were so excited, and their excitement was contagious as we all felt lucky to be surrounded by so many fun and light-hearted conversations.  Overall, it was the first time all of us could be together and let our hair down – so to speak – and we enjoyed every moment of it.  A great night, a great group of people, and Mexico is a good place to be.

It was ironic, Elisa made the comment that driving incidents and excitement involving driving seemed to follow me, I agree and might have to wave off driving until I know these “adventures” involving driving am down – Karla gave me the best compliment ever – that I seemed to go with the flow and not let the burps (so to speak) bother me – can you imagine someone saying that say, 3 years ago?  I was strung at tight as a guitar string – and I feel how good the change involving Mexico has made me – honestly that was a compliment that made my evening!

No, Mr Williams, I promise, I did NOT tell people the bus was here at 8:15 to get everyone to leave early, and I did listen to Karla – Laughing.  No Jessica you did have enough, lol.  It is exciting to be surrounded with such the dynamo group of this year’s teachers and that alone made it a great night!




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