2012 start…

Despite the previous incident, accidents, and “fogetcidents” (love that Brakism) – Mexico City is AWESOME.  Arriving and quite exhausted, and despite my key breaking in the lock and me being ransomed by a LOCK and KEY in my apartment, lol, my neighbor in #4 came to the rescue and grabbed a locksmith from down the street who sprung me free, I replaced the lock, (1000 pesos) and wondered, did I ever wonder if I would have a dull experience here?  Yet- each moment was countered with an act of kindness.

I crashed and was excited to be in a real bed! – so glad to see the youngsters (Dewey,

 , Decimal,  and a currently unnamed saved feline) – and met some amazing new people the Sunday I arrived back as well as Monday, the first day of orientation.  Individuals ranging from Iowa, Serbia, Rio, San Diego, Lebanon, and all over!  I took a small group to show them the Chedraui, Wal Mart, Sam’s Club, and how to navigate the metro.  Aid juggling helping people with trying to locate apartments, the first day seemed to be much productive and an exciting start to a fresh year.  I think if you can keep an open mind, when alot of downsided things occur, it is a major major challenge not to grumble, complain, or just feel awful inside, but hope is very real and optimism is stronger to make ever situation that occurs a walk away learning lesson. The more individuals we help out along the way, the Pay It Forward occurs and that sentiment will carry through.

Tonight – I offered to work the desk at the Buddha Bar, for an Internations event where, we will meet even more people – tons!


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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