Taxco, La Vid, the down but not out!

Coming off of a delicious and relaxing dinner Friday is hard to beat….check out the Important tips page for the lowdown on La Vid….but what about Saturday?

Where should I start?! LOL…Saturday, groan, it is Saturday? I am Tiiiiiiired…:) Ride the metro to Tacubena, buy tickets for a getaway weekend starting the 15th at Oaxaca, (excited!), and off to Taxco….same bus we took to Vera Cruz we ride in, movies, (Invincible!) and the start of Iron (ironic as we were headed to Tasco!) Man 2, lol, we arrive and wow! The busy-ness of TAXCO! Silver everywhere, an awesome experience in the central church (beautiful), a bright blue sky day…:)

The legend behind the central Santa Prisca Cathedral, created by Don Jose de la Borda

is worth the read!

I think the highlight was what I feared the most, riding the trolly car up the mountain, but, (I was sweating bullets!) – the view, the restaurant, the meal, the air, was amazing. Honestly, it was beyond words to enjoy such a scene, and words cannot describe it 🙂

The shops and hand made items were like nothing we had seen anywhere yet, BEAUTIFUL. I will be brining back some precious items for people and hopefully they will like! 🙂

Love the wealth of silver, and we toured a museum for FREE! – showing the collection of William Spratling. We got in free being teachers, it was awesome! 🙂

The shopping, the food, the relaxing, and just being able to shoot the breeze and thing straight, is a great thing to do in Taxco!

it was hard to come home, but the things we brought back were amazing! The handicraft is stunning!

The saxophonist, the guides, the crafters themselves, and so much more, and imagine, this is just one little part of Mexico! 😉

Sunday became even more amazing as I stumbled across an official Steeler nation fan group, and thanks to Jason, found heaven! 🙂 I watched the game (heart broken) but fell in love with the countless Steeler fans, this is HEAVEN! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? Look at all this! 🙂

I can go to sleep tonight knowing this has been the best weekend in a long time! 🙂

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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3 Responses to Taxco, La Vid, the down but not out!

  1. Laurel Hollenbeck says:

    The whole Steelers thing is amazing, small world….83 degrees & all that, I am the ‘Armchair Traveler’ reading your stories, deciding where I might like to go, so nice to see you enjoying and appreciating all these new adventures…you may never come back, but just keep going around the world!

  2. harrybrake says:

    I was amazed walking in and being surrounded in a sea of black and gold! LOL< it was CHRISTMAS! 🙂 WOO HOOO! I never plan to return to the U.S. to work full time if possible, this opportunity was a gift….:)
    Think how great it will be to have visitors!

  3. Tammy says:

    Haha talking about trolly’s i remember going on them in Vietnam when i was little and my face was pale because i was so scared! lol not even a trace of blood in me. 😀 but it turned out pretty cool and really pretty looking down at everything. 😀

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