Irony, Waves, looking back, the future….

Friday! Not sure why, but it was a good day, and well…

School – had an exciting feeling all day, not sure why. Met with some excited students who are very talented with possibilities of a lit mag, and it fueled me up and got me very excited, maybe it was the pizza?!

The day was good, Friday, out the door, ice cream in honor of Amanda’s belated birthday (did she get ANY?!), off to Costco’s. Got an awesome cushy pillow, (AWESOME!) – boxers, (always good), socks, shirt, jeans, some cool healthy snacks….:) Thanks Elaine for the Costco card visit!

Some great conversation with friends, out to a GREAT, AWESOME restaurant, LA Vid….great steak, great buffet…damper though, the waiter asked for a certain % tip….this bothered me in the fact that it was a buffet, but heck, do you have to tip hen the waiter fills your drink, takes your plates, (I am yes at this point), but then tells you you need to think about leaving when others are still getting their meals, and then asks for a % of a tip? This was the downside of this, but let me tell you scenery was BEAUTIFUL, FOOD DELICIOUS, wait staff need to have some etiquette regarding the over customer service.

No worries, we left, got a cab home, the cab driver did something that struck me as, well you do not see this every day. A violin player came by the car, an older man, and the cab driver gave the older man a tip of change, and I never saw a cab driver do that on his own. It stunned me, and my friend Chris was awesome enough to say how good that was of a thing for him to do.

I was dropped off at my corner, and saw looking back this was a kind of stop by the police to check all cabbies for legitimacy as well as I was afraid of him getting unwanted fees as bribes from the police. On getting out I had wanted to give him a larger tip, and he did not have enough change and did not mind getting one, but in his heart, this was one of the nicest drivers I ever saw and I gave him all the change in coinage I had.

I could not tear my look over my shoulders at the inspection of his cab, scrutinizing to see if any false charges would be made to get some money out of him. Finally, after ten minutes, a thorough inspection, he was let go a okay! No fees or “charges” were found and I could not help but think his kindness to others paid him back.

Walking across the street, a man and me when the coast was clear, a refusing to stop car kept barreling through and we had to run to avoid the car, who should have stopped about 30 seconds earlier. We both shook our heads, he shared a comment in Espanol tome, I did not know what, but knew we both agreed and laughed at the opportunity the driver took to be dangerous.

Into the apartment, warm, and receiving an email saying how wonderful the library is shaping up to be lately. This made me feel quite happy as I realized how lucky I was to have been under the supervision of a GREAT librarian so far as my boss, and seeing how pleasant it is to do things others will never do, to help others out. We do so well when we are surrounded by people that care.

I talked to several parents and runners of the XC team tonight, I am as nervous as they are for their Invitational at Lake Forest tomorrow. Looking back, I see we carry people we know, just met, or have shared experiences with everywhere we go in new places or old. If we treasure and make the most of those moments, we will have those forever with us, and it will make us better people in the future.

Ironic how things always come back to some starting point.

Waves of memories, good ones, replenish you in those moments when you feel you have nothing left to give.

Looking back without regret but with smiles only is a good day.

The future is so bright, I have to wear shades….oh yes, here in Mexico and in many other places! 🙂

I love the little things that many people seem to forget about, walk past, and never think about. 🙂

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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