The Second Time Around Is a Little More Difficult…

A great response to someone that had a birthday last Leap Year Day and this next Leap Year Day  🙂     Let’s work with a little history about Leap Year Day.  

In listening to an NPR Podcast, certainly balance and harmony, and a chance to have an extra day to do something extraordinary, as you know does not come around all the time.

My goals today? It might sound infantile, but sometimes I like the privilege and freedom to act infantile when I want, so I will try and have my signature on as much as I can today, dated February 29th.  I do see this as A chance to do as much as possible on a day that is often not afforded to us.  Here are some suggestions on my checklist:

Check out the Harriet Tubman film that represents some important insights into Black History Month.

Seeing the art represented by so many at Delaware State University.

Complete opportunities at the Library of Congress as a Field Experience intern.

Send thank you’s to several colleagues for some great support in the last few weeks at my school.

Organize some items and rooms at my place.

Redesign plans for the next few weeks with my classes at school, as well as implementing project ideas in the Library Media Center.

Complete my essay for my Florida State University course on Literacy Media.

Finish some reviews on Yelp!

What aspects of your can you do, that are not in the plan normally, and open your mind to new adventures?  You and only you, have the power to shape and change things for the better all around you, and the great place to start is Leap Year Day!


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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