Valentine’s Day – V is for Ventursomeness!

Okay I get it Valentine’s Day, candy, candygrams, flower grams, etc etc etc – but I learned through this holiday I have loathed – a word ventursomeness that perfectly described some of the most lovely individuals I have come to appreciate, even more that past significant others – and I am so lucky to have met them!

Today, a FRIDAY – and yes Valentine’s Day and despite that these students stayed and decorated, set up and prepared quite a great setting for Woodbridge alumni as a thank you for what their commitment to the school district – Logan, Andrea, Syerra, Confidence, Jady, Regan, Indya, Gabby, Xavier, Mackenna, Rosita  did all of these things  (and more I am not remembering – AFTER the school day)

Made pink lemonade for alumni, prepared trivia, WHS merchandise for sale, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, Valentine’s hearts, chocolate covered cherries, popcorn, coffee, Valentine’s cards, had UNO and other games ready, yearbooks out, sign in sheets of individuals to stay in touch with WHS events, free giveaways for trivia questions  just to name a few things

and on top of that, all after school and after practice – and still sticking around and enjoying the moments of potentials for alumni- and see Ms. Tammy WIlliamson, Mikaela Smith, Ms Jon-Rene’ Holmes, Mr Eugene Hayes, Ms Margaret Workman, Ms Debbie Little, Ms Shiley, Mr Weiler – all to say hello and visit – these are great individuals who went the extra effort to put something on for others and for those to come after a long day to take part in them!

 Add to this Syerra’s triumphant success of passing the Prometric CNA exam, BOTH written and the skills portion (that is a mouthful!) and this makes the SAT look like a walk through candy land – whoa.  I could tell from how nervous she was in the AM, and WHOOSH!  within what seemed minutes she was DONE and I was thinking – “Did you really just take that test?” and then she was back in there and Whoosh!  Out again and at our Valentine alumni bash- and wow – it is impossible to not be so proud of what she did in ONE DAY!

Add to this the exciting possibilities of scholarships and acceptances on the part of alot of our seniors, the amazing victory lap the juniors will be taking with their SAT and PSAT tests- and you realize there is very little time to reflect on moments like these that we all are able to celebrate the successes of each other, and celebrate with alumni and present WHS students, but when we can, it is bittersweet.

It is easy to state the above individuals who carved out a piece of their time to visit with all of us, and celebrate each of our past, present and future venturesome qualities, makes Valentines’ Day the holiday I always wanted to celebrate! The future has never looked brighter for the class of 2020 thanks to the classes that have preceded them and that are coming after them.  Together that is one huge wave of Raider Pride that keeps coming back! 





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