The “Little Things” Have Something Bigger to Say

Blogs are amazing. I mean, take the chance to check in, write what you seem, experience, and realize – record it in time, and then when you come back to years later, you can revisit that moment and recollect where you are at this moment in time, pretty priceless.

Whirlwind weekend speaking of reflecting, but without going into details that ruin the chance for a future conversation starter – in one day I jumped right into the 24in48 hours reading marathon, trekked to Takoma Park, Maryland, with cousins in tow we headed to Cumberland, MD to grab a Penske rental, a little further in La Valle, MD, grabbing a pics 1.PNGpreserved marlin, a couch, an amazing historical story battleship in glass case, thanks to dear friends of my cousins, trekked back to Takoma Park, MD, unloaded, truck, reloaded truck, headed back to Delaware, unloaded tons of “fill in the house” items, and jump back on the 24in48 reading marathon and found it WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!! 

hour 24 2.PNG

LOL – I was thinking…what the……*&$*()~#!#!+@)~  LOLLLL

What others consider little things, but what you as a person desire and consider huge is priceless….for me, I never had time to sit down and write, and reflect, etc – and one of the largest things Mexico ever taught me was to take time out to do that, take time to read, write, reflect and do the things personally, that add a complete picture to your life.  Those kind of lessons are priceless.  

National Novel Writing Month and participating and see your name and an excerpt of what you wrote announced on a live YouTube sit in that people watch because they love to write, winning during the 18th hour of 24in48 reading marathon, finding out you get to participate in the Delaware Association for School Libraries, helping lead community events that people like coming to, participating in, etc these are not Emmy award winning events and yet, they often are felt more inside at the heart that the big time showlight events we see on tv, because they mean something more inside to us – that is the key.

Notoriety for the sake of being noticed is temporary, but being noticed by yourself for the very things you intrinsically find valuable, taking the time to find and search out those very things you find valuable…a better life awaits as a result.


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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