“No Hard Feelings”

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-7-46-19-amMorning Song – Avett Brothers.    I found a link to them from NPR and was hooked on No Hard Feelings, and with a little digging, found a gold line in some other songs.

Sometimes you stumble across a song, a writing, etc that just helps memories flood back, both the far past and the recent, and well yes, the Avett Brothers, Hard Feelings, did exactly that for me.

Thanksgiving 2016 and MUCH to be thankful for and often I complain complain and forget that these things have been amazing-

A new level of making connections with people from difference schools in Mexico, as well as a new year of new staff, and love working and meeting them as they provide new ideas constantly and provide a sense of renewal.

An amazing Repentino. adventure continues this year, a staff made of old and new, that more than any year ever, have been able to do so much more with their own confidences, 

Healthy family and they are having good things happening in their lives – there is not much you could ask for.

A job that allows me to delve in, discover more about my strengths, as well as my weaknesses and rediscover myself every day.

Students from years past reconnecting with slowly and realizing how lucky I have been on the past as well as the present day.

Pets that make me laugh, smile, and realize even the days they infuriate me, they remind me how good I have it 🙂 

Appreciating every day more and more, what I HAVE opposed to that basic human nature to get get get get….sigh

With so many cool marathon-schedule events happening, and amazing staff on our Repentino. pulling them off amazingly, in addition to working with other clubs, other groups, the sphere of being successful is redefined and reshaped – redefining who Repentino. as an organization as an influence in the world.

A world-class advocacy of students that every morning, make me laugh, smile, and yes still shake my head.

Having the opportunity to go back to Pittsburgh, Delaware, Takoma Park, MD and visit some great great places and just be around friends and family – despite the rise in the dollar!  LOVE! 

These are simply just a FEW reasons why I am seeing more and more how Thanksgiving is not isolated to just the United States, but how it is reached out and influenced my and so many awesome individuals I have been lucky enough to meet.

I have never become used to how fast time flies – and never reminded of it more than when I see current students who have been with me for so long, then graduation hits you, hits you in the heart at capping ceremony, then hits you harder in your soul at graduation, and you realize, how you just wish you would have made more days where you just sat and talked, laughed, remembered, because at graduation, it becomes so hard to recapture any of those moments.  

That leads to moments you realize how many lost memories and moments exist outside our sphere of school, and all in all, you realize what a lucky son of a gun you are for having the students who have become family, the colleagues that help you make it through every day, the colleagues that have moved on that you still hold close to your heart, and the family that move you forward and oftentimes without them knowing how much.  

I still marvel over the weaknesses I have, but the strength I have to recognize them given to me from all the above mentioned, and yes, you realize how amazing Thanksgiving is thanks to all the people in your life that you often don’t think about all at once.

Sticking with the Avett Brothers, I listen to this and smile, and think of all of you that have helped me become who I am today  🙂    February 7 – Avett Brothers.

Thank you for making me who I am and helping me get through the bad to a better me!



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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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