The Third Time is a Charm…in More Ways Than One…

April 21st – You have to wonder how much more can you say about one musical, one production, one show?  Turns out much.

Up to this point, you have alot of individual comments that have been made, with much willingness and “deservedness”, however, you also begin to notice the aspects of what make a production memorable.  What often matters most is what feeling you have in your heart during a production, and following a production.  Sometimes these feelings occur from one person and are contagious.  Other times, they remain around one person – but can be seen in others.  Despite all the possible scenarios, seeing FAME each night has been an opportunity to see this transformation of individuals into a group, a group that Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.46.09 PMsupports each other in ways you see on stage and in ways you don’t see on stage.

A few realizations occurred at April 21st’s production – When you see Isabel as Carmen, not sure how, why or what specifically, but the strength of her voice, her emotions, and appearance is even more pronounced than the first night.  Her stature, height, and demeanor carried through the role of Carmen all night – in a way that reaches into seeing what she brings to this character, at some point you disengage from this being Isabel and transforming into Carmen.  In her absence later in the production, this is even more pronounced – she brings it home in so many ways that you just have to see it, then you will feel it they way you were meant to.

Add to this the strength that Susanne brings to her role even more so at Thursday’s performance, and you sit back and realize what magic you are seeing occurring over a two-week period – it is something many do not realize unless they see the subtle changes over a period of time.  Susanne was yet another example of how getting “caught up” in the moment will effect you and motivate you into the future.  She shows this in excellent fasghip through her intensity and voice.  Susanne’s even stronger performance caught to Arturo’s and combined to make again, an influential scene. Then Carmen’s performance to Pedro’s. I could list several more instances that returns back to the overall cast.

There is truly something to be said when you receive the feeling following the performance of Bring on Tomorrow both in the first half and the second half.  I could pick people out constantly and note the strengths they brought over and over – and anyone can pick out the areas for improvement, but to take in the overall effect in these last two weeks if something that few can pick up on unless you are a member of the cast or are willing to take in the differences from night to night.  That sounds tedious, right?  But as much as the person that loves to hear their favorite style of music over and over, the same power and emotion is seen through each of these contributor to Fame, whether on an individual basis or as a group, whether seen or unseen (stage crew, lighting, props, scenery, music, – on and on and on…)

I said it before, seeing the cast in graduation attire does something to you when you see so many shine individually, and then when they come together to perform as a group, the graduation robes truly emphasize this by the end of the production.  You don’t want to see some aspects of this production ever end, and most of that are the parts that remain in your heart.  Both individually and as a group, Fame reaches out to you in many ways to pull on your soul and heart-strings, and extends beyond what you see and hear on stage.  It is what you dream of beyond that makes it so powerful.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.48.43 PM


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