Changing “What in the World?!” to “Who in the World?”

There are so many events occurring around us, and so much has NOT been commented on – but if you tune into a few friends’ posts on Facebook – you get more than what you wanted with a share of that info  🙂

Delving into occurrences here seems to be necessary.

Pope Francis visiting in February 2016 in Mexico City.  Honestly, if you thought when Paul McCartney came and gave a free concert in the Zocolo that was a crowd, wow.  Roads were closed right around the corner of my house as well as tons of areas and LOTS of craziness happening with his touring.  Controversy as well, as can be expected with any major event.  The rumor that dogs were killed in mass from the streets so Pope Francis would not see them of course caused a rise of anger.  Overall with that topic and others, it would be the HOPE, that when someone comes to Mexico City, or anywhere, issues that are considered minor, and major, all are addressed at a higher level, but never put on a shelf when that event is over.  That is why we have intelligent, educated, younger generations rising up through the ranks.  The importance of allowing these younger generations to have forums when important individuals come to areas like Mexico City is to discuss solutions, to take advantage of individuals that hold so much public sway, to help solve issues of poverty, social discrepancies, world relations, even down to the way animals are treated as part of a society.  I am not catholic, but see the need to have an open mind to all religions, as well as the belief that all religions have a responsibility to collaborate with other religions to help solve issues that affect us all, rather than religions competing with each other.  Instead of Pope Francis coming to Mexico as a show I hope that just as much energy was used to capitalize on how to remedy many issues with his presence here. 

Of course the film Spotlight, that us out now, happened at an odd time right after his visit and yet there is this.  (I was reminded of this with the presence of the Pope via statue in New York City!) Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.06.34 AM


Slavery happened in the United States and according to the government law is illegal, yet still occurs.  The travesty that occurred and was revealed in the film Spotlight also occurred in the past yet occurrences still can hypothetically occur.  What matters is people are involved, care, and work to prevent and better this from ever occurring again.  We can go back and harass and punish individuals today for events that occurred years ago, maybe traces through their family link them to travesties in the past – yet does this better our current and future world?  We need to focus on that and become a better village together – not using the past as a weight, but as a tool to advance.

When Paris was attacked in November 2015, and then Brussels, no doubt the appearance of how many felt when the 9/11 bombing occurred, rose again.  Now that we see a link between these two recent attacks, there is the importance of creating a link of influence to counter these events, that now occur on a regular basis and defying stereotypes we place on religions because of attacks.  Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.08.33 AM  When students at The American School Foundation in Mexico City go through the practice of MUN (Model United Nations) in March, it is vital for all involved to take this to a level of seriousness – why?  It is just a model right?  The chance to be involved in world affairs and allow points to eek out during these moments, to model the qualities to make change when students emerge into the world, this will replace the What in “What in the World?” to “Who” in “Who in the World?”  The who is the vital part, and every chance we have to influence others positively, whether it is through committees and press involvements on a MUN event, through a publication, projects we create to interact with others in our country and beyond, ANY possible chance to contribute to schools in Cuba, to contribute to a non-profit be it financial or with our energy, these opportunities will change the What to Who – maybe not instantly, but they will change as we are headstrong to make this change.Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.08.44 AM

I value the chance to stay in touch with students from the AFS Program as exchange students years after we have had that exchnage because it allows us a path to other countries.  I value the BBC and NPR because even when at home, we can be involved.  Of course chances to be part of MUN, Repentino. International Arts Publications, and ANYTHING allowing my knowledge, energy, and interests to travel here and abroad? – that gives us each a chance to grow our wings to help enhance a better tomorrow.

The 2016 Presidential Election.  Of course the United Stated election occurring now, candidates and the three-ring circus to come and that is occurring.  WOW.  it is difficult being out of the country working, living and seeing from afar the comments made from individuals that represent the United States, and also being able to experience the situations in a different country at the same time.  That is a privilege of being a United States citizen many take for granted, forget, or do not even realize to begin with.  I have been lucky enough to know what a topic is, say immigration and see it from a one-sided point of view, having opinions on this and never leaving the United States, then flip! – being in a another country and seeing it from the outside in – looking to the United States.  Then discussing the issue with individuals it directly affects, and seeing how it impacts my home country, and my mind – begins to open.  My eyes, mind, my attitude, all becomes in need of stepping back and contemplating more before voicing opinions from a one-sided point of view.

I am not ashamed to say as a United States Citizen, I want more from the United States, I want a fuller view, a fuller viewpoint, a more moderate and equal view when it comes to issues, and yes, the United States as a country DOES need to look after themselves, those “themselves” is not contained to someone that was born in Europe only, those “themselves”  are the American Indians, African-American, Germans, Japanese, Italians, Latin Americans, Hispanic, European, Asian, Russian, ALL nationalities that have come together to make American great.  America is not just North America folks and the combination of many cultures in the United States IS the United States.  I would never be proud as an American to support someone hurling racial slurs as a means to make America great, sorry.  I prefer, no matter how strong or weak, an individual that has as much ambition and energy to change things, without questions of controversy in their record, no matter WHO they are.  They have room to grow stronger and better without already having the controversial baggage they carry coming into such an office.  I continue to be embarrassed by the masses to support individuals that indeed, have the traits of power, secretness, money, favoritism, greed, racism, bigotry towards women and races, all the opposites of what really make American great.

If every business owner, educator, employer and employee, in the United States, and outside of the United States realizes the importance of changing that “What” to “Who in the World?” in their modeling of supporting and helping each other change one little thing, once a day, a week, a month, even a year – what a change will we begin to see in the leaders that will represent us, but in the future generations that will also represent all of us, despite our origins.



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1 Response to Changing “What in the World?!” to “Who in the World?”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Great blog Harry!

    And I’m with you my friend.

    It’s very difficult seeing the circus happening in the US and the reality that more and more Americans are supporting DT. Quite embarrassing to say the least. And disappointing to think that so many succumb to his nonsensical rhetoric. 😓

    Sent from my iPhone Cynthia Kaplan Chief Dog Lover 🍀🐶


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