Slowly Pushing Back the Curtain, Much More is Occurring…

…in many different arenas.  That’s right, while the Repentino. staff had been planning implementing, and working towards change at the CSPA Conference in New York for 2016, much was occurring at the American School Foundation as well.  Originally having MUN two consecutive days, plans had changed.  Due to an all out wind storm of epic proportions in Mexico City on Friday, March 11th, March 16th was MUN day two.  Unfortunately, we were not going to be in Mexico with CSPA leaving half our news team for MUN and alot of members with us in New York.

Overall, thanks to a prepared, dedicated, and devoted MUN Press staff, all turned out well.  With a great leader, a great Press staff, and lot so fo communication, the ending video, the overall crisis videos, the Snapchat the Facebook, the Right of Reply, all moved forward.  The dedicated and forward thinking, planning, and implementation was difficult to recognize, and this is part of realizing the bigger picture in students.  Often, things do not focus or revolve around one specific group, individual or event.  Being able to recognize the achievements of the overall group is vital, vital to any club, organization, body of students or activity.  To say one is proud when individuals plow forward under challenges, changes in plan, and surprises in schedules is one understatement, but being able to see individuals grow as a result is what real education is about.

The photographers, editors, PR, video staff, reporters, the editor in chief of Press, HUGE KUDOS for seeing so many changes through and seeing them under a plan of direction, organization, and creativity and yet, there is more…

There are educators and administrators that do the minimum, whether it is MUN, whether it is in the classroom whether it is out of the classroom, and funny, the surest sign of this is not the teacher’s break room (though you might think it is).  It is truly among the students – they know within a hair’s length when an educator is really in their corner, or in the corner for a paycheck, or simply posing.

Then there are the educators and administrators that go beyond the extra mile for everyone involved. HUGE HUGE Kudos to the educators/administrators that took on so much more the past few weeks this comes down to the areas of adding to a second day of MUN to make it truly successful (fill-in advisor for MUN Press- you know who you are!) – the educators willing to press on with the interruptions in their rooms a week later – and especially from the Repentino. staff, who took time out of their bust week before departure, AFTER school, to listen, critique, and advise on pluses and minuses to help move students to be even more successful at the CSPA Conference.  As an educator, time is everything, and you helped students realize you were willing to give up much of yours for them, and for them to go on and be successful.  Add to that the parents willing to go along with the sacrifices made, taking ten steps back sometimes, to go 12 steps forward, and you have a whole circle of individuals that help create an education outside of the classroom, as well as in.  It often is worth taking the time to stand down, take in the past, and appreciate it and let those around you know how much they created this overall success.




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