Goals, Attained, Not Attained and What You Take With You.

As the New Year approaches (IT IS CLOSE!) , each of us fall into that range of New Year’s resolutions.  In looking back, there are several stances you can take.

I see alot of goals that fell short of what I wanted to occur, not meeting my National Novel Writing goal of 50,00o words, working through two classes at a Yale and Duke classes and not quite getting to the end of each course, not winning out at as #1 of my Fantasy Football league

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 7.45.37 AM(Sheesh, how did I get to be #2? – Really?!  I was crazy luck this year!), seeing the Steelers NOT take advantage of key games and falling short of expectations, not reaching my goal of 60 books read for the year Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 7.44.20 AM( I am STILL WORKING ON THAT!) and that is just the beginning.  Yet, I find myself in a weird arena.

I find myself amazingly grateful for the experiences to begin with, for I learned MUCH about myself.  I found even from the things that do not fall into earth shattering and important, that I help my health, I have the many chances to experience so many things, some firsts – such as my first beach in Mexico – and I find I am getting stronger for the attempts.  We had a great year on behalf of the Repentino. staff for our 2014-2015 publication, with much promise and growth with a new staff for 2015-2016 – growing pains that certainly lend itself to growing in widsom on how we do things.  I have found myself looking to areas where I can grow academically and intellectually towards the future.

I see my future and mysel changing thanks to the shortcomings – which I never thought I could, world, or should embrace.  I want a future where I maintain the contacts I have currently maintained, hard and difficult at times, yet – worth it every step of the way.  I have become so much better at managing my time, and saving that time for myself – as well as investing time, money, and plans for the future and rolling great investments out for all of those currently.  Not much to ask for more than that.

Library and Media Specialist Webinars, being more exact with selections for the library and being able to be better at trends, pattersns, and classes for educators, Repentino podcasts, delving into sports and giving recognition where it is due, as well as realizing, negatives are a part of us, not meant to be separated but dealt with to make each of us stronger and learn something about ourselves.  These are powerful lessons, and maybe the most powerful I have learned since being in Mexico and overall for myself.  I realized everytime I come to the states I have grown from my experiences of being in Mexico, and being in the states again has redefined itself for me, and for the better.  That is a gift in itself.  So as we approach two more days until that New Year’s mark for us, think aboiut what you have done, what has happened, and what will occur to let you grow and be content with your life, others being a part of that plays a HUGE part 🙂

Then there is Star Wars 🙂   – YES!  I finally saw it last night!  🙂  That is a post in itself, and yes, working on that !

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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