Watching that Swatch with Jason Phillips

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.03.09 AM.png

As I entered Union Station, a great great stop from Amtrak to hit D.C.!, I navigated to one of my favorite stops, The Swatch Watch Store in Union Station.  Since I obtained a Swatch from ASF from a Halloween contest years ago – I am always finding myself there.  I had met about two years ago Jason Phillps and Gabrielle at the Swatch Watch Store who had fixed me up with a new band.  At the same time we had the  2014-2105 Repentino. and were trying to get pictures of it all over the place as a promo video.

He and Gabrielle posed as part of our video that can be found here:

It was the perfect addition ot our video and 2 years later I walk in, and no WAY!  He is there, and he remembers!  He is a totally laid back, awesome, positive, and helpful individual and Repentino. was lucky enough to have him willingly be a part of a international promotion – he is a perfect example of a person you’d want to know, and he willingly extends his hand out to everyone.

We hope Repentino. can continue to live up to the characteristics that Jason showed us that day   🙂  Repentino. extends a great holiday wish to each and everyone out there, and credits everyone for helping us become a well-known production, not just the magazine, the Open Mic’s, the concessions, the boosting of Sport and School Spirit, and the many explorations into artsits we do from podcastsm to blogs to so much more – thank you for keeping the spirit of Art in so many forms, alive!

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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