I never gave myself a chance to truly reflect on anything before coming to Mexico to tell you the truth, always running, always darting to the next “to do” plan, etc..

Reflecting, literal term – think deeply or carefully about. – “think about, give thought to, consider, give consideration to, review, mull over, contemplate, cogitate about/on, meditate on, muse on, brood on/over, turn over in one’s mind;”

The more I “think” about it, reflecting and eyesight are 100% completely related, at least as far as how lucky I am with the individuals that surround me.

Two months ago – I had surgery that removed my eyeglasses completely – first time that I can remember without glasses – with trepidation of course, eyesight is everything and has been everything with me – the amazing discovery of surgery and watching my eye being transformed right in front of me – reaching for my glasses, oh N0 – I don’t need them anymore – what?  I can see?  HECK YEAH!!!! (One of the best and most patient eye doctors on avenida Chihuahua,  amazing).

Having the opportunity to come to Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh even – and visiting amazing individuals that just, well, are amazing – example in point –

Seeing someone grow up in front of you and seeing the life they lead – and live through, from say from birth to now a teenager, whether of course your own teenager or someone you have seen in front of you grow up as a teenager into a young man or woman – I still feel bar none, it is an amazing experience.

My favorite since birth has been Morgan – an amazing, driven, talented, and just – everything that makes you feel that the future is going to be amazing, bright and successful, wrapped up in one person – that is the person I know in Morgan.  Guided by an amazing parent and surrounded by adult supporters – and being able to guide herself with life’s hurdles, obstacles, and now seeing her planning to go to Penn State? – hearing how she has conquered the trials life has given and oput in her way?  Priceless.  Then there are her sisters, even more the opportunity to realize how lucky I am to spend the days leading up to Christmas with – overall – an amazing prelude to Christmas.   Add to that some extra family members in the house that all are on the road to success – seeing each of them grow up in front of you, yeah, part of you feels old seeing the process and part of this process is magic, being a part of this whole scene.

I realize it is not simple the BEING in Pennsylvania that is the amazingness, but the individuals that really define Pennsylvania for me that make the greatness it is.  Between her Mom’s smile and determination to make sure they have the brightest future possible, the determination and ability you see in their successes from Morgan down to the youngest, and how bright their future is looking to be, you could be 10, 000 miles away and realize how much they have conquered and succeeded.

The the room gets a little bigger, now you don’t just have Morgan, her sisters, her family, you have added to this experience the students that became part of my family through the years, then I realize MY family has always been a part of that equation whether right by my side as I was younger or by my side through technology allowed services, and then I zoom into the students I see graduating 4, 3, 2 and even next year and whoa.

The picture is huge of what accomplishments those around me have achieved, and I can’t do anything but count my blessings.  I find myself of course celebrating the chance to watch an amazing Steeler game win, but it is nothing without being surrounded by the very people that define the whole experience. Rachelle, Joe, Morgan, Jeff, Adam, Amanda, Mackenzie, Madison?  It rocks being in Pennsylvania again but it is even BETTER being in Pennsylvania and seeing how awesome all of you are becoming.

Eyesight is not just a physical thing to be thankful for, but extends to the years I have been lucky enough to see how they’ve grown, (including me)  and I realize, I am so lucky to have the past and current students in my life that have shaped me through the years as well.  Add to that family and the individuals, friends, colleagues, who feel like family?  –  It is not even Christmas and yet the year is already giving back.  Life is good?  Total understatement.  🙂

Great Eyesight        = the individuals that give it to you in the first place!

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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