Mexican Summer Nights, Alarming Mornings, Camper Ready

Walking with the dogs on a PERFECT summer evening in Mexico, (it reminded me of this photo I took from above when arriving in Mexico from my last jaunt from the states)

Mexico from the air coming into Benito Juarez airport

Mexico from the air coming into Benito Juarez airport

last week (usually I am wiped out before 8:00 PM even hits!) – I realized how amazing the last few nights had been last week, literally a perfect summer evening.

As I strolled through neighborhoods, I would see lights that showed off the patios and hanging plans from the various residence, the clear and warm sky, the absolute beauty of night reflected from buildings and bouncing to everyone simply outside and walking though such an amazing night, you almost have to pinch yourself to believe it.   The dogs were more content than usual, and even they seemed to sense that relaxing night walks could most definitely occur on nights that would repeat l:) I still find myself in this life asking myself, “How did I get here?”  “How did this happen?”  Pinching myself and realizing I could not, would not, want to trade this for the world.

IT is not difficult to realize how amazing the world has become with friends and family that have made truly a great world, and sometimes it takes a simple walk in your own neighborhood to relish the important things that matter and that are valuable, to indeed, treasure your life. Seeing a video highlighted from one on my former students, here, (Alondra Santos’ performance)  I realize over and over how amazing Mexico is and how it looks at its own culture in its own way, celebrating its talent more and more and more and unearthing treasures that many people take advantage of.

One cannot live in Mexico and not think of how sheltered and WRONG people are when they see a country from afar and think they know that country, then life changes, and you move to a country and live among individuals that change your life – and simply walking out the door you see neighbors, feel the presence and culture, that touches your heart.  You realize how much of a heart-felt presence a country really has by taking steps to not simply be a spectator, but be someone that genuinely realizes how wrong so many have it from the outside.

In my case, Mexico, and maybe the best gift ever has been how this country has taken my view of so much and turned it upside, and long with it, done the same with my heart. If each one of us would take one step to change one major thing in our life in the way we have viewed an idea we have had for so long, wow, can you imagine how much richer our lives would be?  My goal will be in the next year to visit four geographic locations that desperately need help and I think when it comes to making lists of what I need and what I deserve etc, will change drastically when I put the needs of others in front of my own – which is why, after hearing about Paul Walker and his sacrifices for others through his organization ROWW, I knew there was more that I could do and it will make a difference if we all decide the same.

Mornings, my time to get caught up, react to a good night’s sleep and walk the dogs in peace without being stopped every  minutes  🙂   Also my time to slowly wake up in the crisp morning air.  So last Thursday started like every other (most week day mornings) – out the door at 5:15 AM, walking through Parque Rio, before I new it, (or was aware) – on Alvaro Obregon almost home and look back – two dogs?  Didn’t I have THREE dogs?

It’s odd – when you have leashes on your had two can feel just like three in the morning at 5:40 AM – of course the puppies are looking at me like, “Where’s Mom?”  – ‘Kinah and the misadventures of Mexican mystique’ – of course I am in a full panic – so I do what everyone does when they are shocked out of that morning wake up funk – I spun around and ran the length of Alvaro Obregon I just came from, no Kinah, we crossed and turned onto Orizaba, almost giving a lady a heart attack as me and two galloping canines running full speed made her morning less than ordinary, moving towards Parque Rio full speed, into Rio, around two of the outlying circles, no Kinah, one more outlying circle of the park, no Kinah, last one – no kidding.

Kinah, standing totally still, in the middle of the sidewalk path in the park, leash on the ground, looking around like, “Where the HECK were you?!” Of course the puppies were going CRAZY like they had not seen each other for months, and I was just – well wow.  I am so glad in the AM there is NO ONE in the park – and on top of that, I still could run full speed with two canines at my side – however, mornings will allow me to wake up a little more due to that particular incident.

It is amazing to think when I found Kinah someone must have just tied her to a pole or fence ad let her be found, (I am assuming) but it has amazed me to know she just remained in the same place instead of running full speed in one of many directions she could have chosen.  ALWAYS events that cause you to think, thank, and reflect if you take time to do just that. Since I was negligent it seems in the AM, I am obligated to post a pic of the three right after their grooming and a rare moment of exhaustion for them (not usually occurring in the LEAST) Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 4.08.15 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 4.08.26 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 4.08.34 AM

As everyone is heralding the end of the school, perhaps from insanity or from a chance to catch up and get ahead even more with bills, saving and opportunities, I signed up for summer camp for the Cub Camp, 4- 6 year olds in Reading and Writing. I remember leaving Delaware the last summer and working the camp there and LOVING it, and thought, just do it.  Friday found myself between the library resuming the checking in and pre-inventory process and also attending the orientation and trainings needed to prepare for the upcoming camp and I have to admit – SUPER SUPER EXCITED.  Fro the supplies, seeing how many great graduating members were coming back to do camp, to the awesome team that will be our Reading & Writing Team – whoa, we are going to KICK BUTT and have fun !  So many exciting things to happen in the next few weeks – just when you thought it would be over – NOT!


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