Tenderness, Creativity, and Inspiration Found Into the Woods

“There is a tenderness just below the surface and the production team, cast, tech, directors, producers, all, manage to help you through it all in this production.”

Okay, I admit, it. I was afraid my own mind, emotions, and experience from Les Miserables last year would not let me see anything except a comparison. Very few times I am truly, originally surprised. My heart showed me I would be and I was so very excited to be surprised.

I am so tempted to start dropping names and standout moments, yet there is no need to do so yet. No, what I found this night, was one of the biggest and proudest moments of this preview show, for the benefit of those around me that work so hard day in and day out on our campus around everyone, was a personalized message of thanks, and received with hearts open to all who were there. No names were needed to receive the feelings everyone felt by the end of this initial preview run.

You will find the one true gift you receive from Into the Woods is discovering a little about what it means to see the world with open eyes, the good, the bad, the scary. Each member of this production team allows you a moment to reflect on that, to laugh at just the right moment to let off the pressure of coming face to face with some tough realities that is just simply life, and finding out what type of person you are as a result.

Not maybe, but definitely, I realized, through talking with some of the think tank creators for this production, yes, Les Miserables has the theme that grabs you and no matter what, it will take you to a place you can never forget. Add a cast last year that took that and multiplied that and there is no way you can set aside the emotions you felt through every production. However, with Into the Woods, you see an empty canvas painted in from of you, the interpretation being revealed character by character, scene by scene, and the whole while your heart keeps absorbing the creativity, intensity, and momentum of emotions that you do not even realize the height of, until you find yourself out of the woods among friends – all thanks to the creativity that you will witness in so many scenes, voices, emotions, and individuals.

Truly, I was skeptical and worried about how I could separate what I have expected in the past to what I would see and witness with Into the Woods. There is no need to be skeptical and definitely no need to be worry, you will walk away from the “woods” in this production truly instilled with knowing, “There is a tenderness just below the surface and the production team, cast, tech, directors, producers, all, walk with you, every step of the way, through it all in this production.”

Don’t miss this show – just don’t. See you at the Gala tomorrow!

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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  1. Teruhi Yoshioka says:

    Thank you so very much.

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