Reverberations of Feeling and Solace

It is amazing to me that it is possible to walk the streets of Mexico, after midnight and be able to only hear the steps you make, and literally, seeing cars blocks away occasionally make their way through the night – and hear again, only your footsteps.  This is truly an amazing city full of sights, sounds, silence, peace, and conflict occurring but just the right moments for all.

Considering that Newgeography states, “Tokyo, with 37.6 million residents, continues its half century domination, though its margin over growing developing world cities is narrowing, especially Jakarta. Manila became the fifth largest urban area in the world, displacing Shanghai, while Mexico City moved up to 9th, displacing Sao Paulo…” and even being the 9th largest city in the world – you feel as the city is the most personal friend you could have – I of course have feelings in other cities and locations I have lived, worked, and visited, and yet, everything still pales to the feeling of opportunity, freedom, and art when in Mexico City and that is the very reason everything while here has in fact become so personal.

I realize my posts have been very sparse, but that certainly is not due to the lack of experiences.  In fact, there has been so much to process, it is very difficult to process and interpret it all without losing the deeper meaning behind so many events, so it seems the time has helped process some amazing experiences I am very excited to share.  I sit down and once the words seems to fit into place, out they come and finally, the next few days seems to allow that.  I don’t think you will be disappointed in the least.

It’s funny, you can go from a solitude at night Mexican streets offer to the steady hum of life as when Santana played last night at the Angel in Mexico City on Reforma.  I literally hung out of my kitchen window and could hear the reverberation of music that lead me straight to Santana’s live concert March 28th, only in Mexico City could you not only hear a musician like Santana having his music carried as far as Roma Norte from Reforma, but to also have the chance to have both worlds, a quiet that lets you sink into the evening comfortably and slip into the events that bring a liveliness to a city that can only be imagined.

Promising Kinah, Wriggley, and Amaya a day out on the town, we visited the brand new dog park in Parque Mexico, the newly restored plaza at Parque Mexico/Parque San Martin, and taking in the Sunday bike path through Reforma, as well as the amazing Jacaranda trees adding accents of purple all over Mexico City – like a gallery every few blocks we strolled Sunday – it is excellent to simple down on breaks – step outside of another treadmill of activity and count the ways that you are lucky based on the beauty around you.  You wouldn’t think that it would be possible to forget, but take one sunny day, one day full of freedom, fresh air, and positivity around you and – yes, a breath full of a great day occurs.  Things slow down, and an ease not realize during the rush of an average day becomes yours – there is nothing better and this is never more realized than in Mexico City.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.55.29 AMLooking ahead there are some exciting events about to occur, that of the Spring Musical Into the Woods, which looks to be an amazing slice of vocal and looks into the very talent that shocked so many Les Miserables fans out of the community, Into the Woods looks to be an even bigger realization that art makes its way to stage in one of the biggest ways.

Add to that Repentino. brings authors Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, and Alaya Johnson to campus April 20th and this looks to be a culminating experience and year.  Over the next few days you will be able to peer into the excursions that led back home, led to New York, and celebrating so many accomplishments that were made by so many, that it is hard to deny, life is good.  🙂   Welcome Spring Break 2015!


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