Every turn, every corner…

…I look back over the last few weeks and realize how amazing they have been, AMAZING – from the simplest discoveries to the more complex that are right under your nose.  Dido’s Life for Rent says it best when she says,

“..but if my life is for rent and I don’t learn to buy

well I deserve nothing more than I get

cos nothing I have is truly mine…”

I am finding there is so much that is available, that is valuable, that is precious that does NOT cost anything, and slowly discovering these one by one is one of the most amazing things that makes life well, priceless.  from the simplest aspects of being able to get up when you want, to sunshine, to a breakfast of any making you choose, to hear the patter of rain, to read, walk, to do anything you want when you want to, that freedom is priceless, and valuable, and often taken for granted in countries where many try to take that away from the individual.

I recall looking back over the last few days and seeing and walking through parts of Chapultepec Park that unfolded like a painting, never seen before, to the murals of Diego Rivera in the Museo Jardin de Agua, to taking in amazing blues and Honky Tonk at the USA Food Truck Festival to many, many more things that s summer usually does not allow you to appreciate.

It’s funny how something as simple as reading a book that reaches out and make you disappointed, angry, upset, relieved etc, and I walked away from a section of a book I am reading and seeing the amazingness around us, I am so glad I do not tend to sit inside and not take advantage of the amazing things around us each day, sometimes just being able to relax at home and take all the advantages in and realize, life can be simplified, can be amazing, and can be special if you devote each day to making it that way, your life becomes more positive, uplifting, and much more motivated.  Being able to say that more of your life was given to help others along the way, leading a selfless life and not acquiring THINGS, has become even more beneficial and only one of the many realizations that has come with being a visitor of a country outside of the United States, priceless…


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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