Cooling into summer…

…as I realize, my mentality and almost everyone else’s has been summer is coming to an end, yet, I have a new inspiration to keep the feeling of summer going all year long!  So to begin, I added some books just delivered:

The Border by David J. Danelo

Enrique’s Journey Sonia Nazario

Just Like Us  Helen Thorpe

Mexican Enough  My Life Between the Boundaries – Stephanie Elizondo Griest


Narcoland   Anabel Hernandez

Open Veins of Latin America  Eduardo Galeano

Taco USA  Gustavo Arellano

Then I realized, every day, I need to look forward to seeing people that can remind me what I love about being a librarian, which is ALOT!

I also want to never sacrifice or lose my time outside of school to lose reading,  walking, and being able to take in sites around me after school, period.

It’s so important to carve out time for yourself throughout the day and eke in front of you all the time the positive atmosphere you need to not “just get through a day” but to go into the day jumping and excited and being infectious in the positive to those all around you.  If those around you engage in the very things that begin to make you sink (and I have to work on this) you need to leave IMMEDIATELY, make an excuse to go to the bathroom, to the nurse, to the outside to just take a walk, just to break that negative momentum, and gather yourself into something even more invigorating, as well as create your own space of positivity wherever you are, that will maintain a whole new look around you and make a difference in the long run!

I realized I made a parallel today.  I walk my three afghans with pride all around the Roma Norte, Condesa, and further sometimes and literally, everyone stops me every 3rd person and asks and pets and croons, etc and this is the symbol, usually people with alot of money have Afghans, breed them, etc.  Here I am, in plain jeans, t-shirt, the exact opposite and I think most of the time people thing I am hired to walk them 24 hours 🙂

However, this is funny, I thought by taking in Kinah from the street, and having unexpected puppies, the unbelievable luck that I had that was ANYTHING BUT being wealthy to flaunt what most symbolize as wealth, just the opposite happened.  By giving myself to being a rescuer, a helper, the image of wealth came about.  I think that is the key, people fare much wealthier, MUCH MUCH wealthier, having friendships and doing things that are actually selfless, and it comes back to you.  It makes you look like you are wealthy even when you are not.  Not right away I have learned, gosh no.  It seemed for awhile sometimes bad thing after bad thing happened, and the more I was upset about it, the worse it became of course.  It takes me a long time to realize my wealth was in the friendships I had that were positive, and the deeds that I should do that are selfless, and not self-serving such as accumulating as much wealth to live of money alone, thinking of myself only , focusing on me me me to the point where others could be helped and are not, that is not what happiness and a positive life are about AT ALL.  On top of that, depression, isolation, and loneliness result from those areas that often cannot be climbed back out of.

Everytime I see Kinah, Wriggley, and Amaya together, I think of how a rough start everything was, and how grateful I am when they nuzzle up to me and almost seem to smile on most days, and realize, wealth is not measured in money, position, getting in with the right clique, or being #1, it is about waking up each morning and trying to make a difference in others lives, as a result of how you live your life.  Sometimes that comes in for form of a favorite pet, an experience, a spouse and best friend, and sometimes, even n the form of a day whee you get time to reflect on the things that can;t be counted that make your life better.

I look forward to a year, a total year in 2014-2015 of doing this and so much more thanks to the amazing people around me, and sifting out the negativity slowly to leave only the best experiences to relish in.






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