Maruchan and Cambio!

Yes.  I finally did it.  My VERY first cup of Maruchan Instant Lunch,  Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.49.36 AM I mean yes!!!

I overdid the Ramen noodles in college while at Edinboro University, but I ventured to try what I never had and oh yeaaaaaah – Delicious!  🙂  So there are always “firsts” no matter what stage you are in life  🙂

I forgot to mention the best part about this past weekend!  While I was bopping around on Saturday, and walking the dogs, I found a 20 peso bill on the sidewalk!   (Seriously, this is like the fourth time I have found money lying on the sidewalk!) and I was thinking – I need to write the dates DOWN that I find money! So knowing that 20 pesos would come and go, I remembered a  guy who was really afflicted with a condition the made him shake alot, and he was always on the street asking for money.  I ventured around and did not see him (figures) so as I passed Sobrino’s, I spied a man playing the cello and he was looking like he was not making out so well, the whole, wiping face, tired, and it had been kind of a rain just recently, so not sure he was getting much luck – and there were a whole 3-4 people there so I thought, “Why not?!”

I stopped dropped the 20 pesos to him as I walked by with the dogs, and he looked grateful to say the least.  I hope the people that WERE in the restaurant that WERE listing to him started a chain reaction and gave him more, lol.  I thought that was a better use that I would eventually find  🙂

It’s funny finding money so frequently on the sidewalks, as I did when I desperately needed it in the states (once or twice) and alot more people here need it then, I, and I have found money on the sidewalk ALOT – weird…



About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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