Capping? Something Dental or Mental? :)

Of course you were DYING for a history explanation, right?

1) Tooth Capping or ‘Crowning’ is a procedure used by dentists for a number of reasons. From cosmetically altering your smile to repairing decayed / broken teeth, crowning is a procedure that involves essentially bonding porcelain, ceramic or metallic cover over the tooth in order to protect and stabilize it. Performed correctly, the procedure can be invisible, painless and it can last for a decade or longer.

2) Capping ceremony is a ceremony held when a boy turns 13 years of age in china. It is normally held on February in an ancestral temple and the date is chosen by the person to be capped by divination. Ceremonial dresses are worn by the host, capping assistant and the father of the person to be capped.

The ceremony of graduation is still called in New Zealand, in imitation of Scottish usage, and in remembrance of medieval practice, the capping ceremony; although there is no longer any capping and often very little ceremony. It consisted originally PAGE 12in the public initiation of a new doctor, master, or professor—his formal entrance upon the duties of his new office. It may be said to have consisted of four parts, the first of which was the formal granting of a license to teach in some particular faculty, i.e. formal admission as a master of the University. The form of admission of graduates in Oxford is worded to this day as a license to teach. Secondly, the new graduate is publicly presented or invested with the insignia of his office, namely a ring, a book, a chair, and a cap. The ring and the book have disappeared. The chair is still remembered in the customary mode of speech by which we term the professorship of law or of Latin the chair of law or Latin; but in standing up to lecture the modern professor has grievously departed from the more luxurious and dignified habit of his predecessors. The cap was the square biretta, which in a more or less modified form is still a familiar feature of academic costume. It was the recognised badge of an academic teacher. The third part of the capping ceremony was an inaugural lecture delivered by the new candidate—this being the public commencement of his duties. To this day in Scotland when a new judge is appointed, the ceremony of his elevation to the bench includes the trial of a case and a judgment delivered by him in the presence of his colleagues. The fourth and last part of the capping ceremony was a banquet, at which the new member of the University entertained his colleagues. In New Zealand the banquet still exists, but by some strange transformation the new graduates are the guests instead of the hosts.

4) Associated with Nursing and providing nurses with their caps as a sign of eligible for graduation and service.

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I am not sure about you, but on May 28, 2014 and in 2013, and n 2012, Capping Ceremony, while I NEVER, EVER heard of it before coming to The American School Foundation in Mexico City – I walked away NEVER forgetting that I wanted to internalize this ceremony forever.  Sound crazy that you do not want to leave somewhere partially because of this ceremony?  Well take this in and let me know what you think…

You watch individuals grow, offer advice, and then watch them mature and progress, and do amazing things al throughout the school year, and in addition to watching them leap over the obstacles that fall in their way during school, you realize, this individual has become in retrospect, a reflection of me, and sometimes it occurs without even you REALIZING it.  Similar to this year, this all happened within what sometimes feels like NANO seconds.  I mean literally, instants.  Yet, this ceremony, where was are graciously asked to place the graduation cap on students who have asked us to, symbolizes more than the act.

Okay back up, realize this, some individuals do hold this as a competition to see how many they can cap, how many gifts they will receive, and on and on, yet remember this – my first year, I was new, I never capped anyone, and I walked away absolutely THANKFUL I was in the theatre watching some amazing people I worked with that first year – walk across that stage and be recognized.  It is NOT about the act, being asked, receiving gifts, none of that, if you are lucky enough to see an amazing young person who you have had something to do with being there, and you see the at capping ceremony, I think it might change your life.  I am amazed and beyond words when someone asked me to partake in the act of doing this, but make no mistake, the only thing I cherish after more than anything else, is seeing them become the young man/woman they are and chaining the world, which I have no doubt they will go onto do.

When you are asked, of course it is amazing as well, and an honor, but I feel bad for those who believe that gifts or being asked is the ultimate sign of you having an influence of their life, NO WAY.  Being a part of their life changes you and them and leaves a piece of your motivation and creativity with them.  Remember that, and in doing so, and knowing that, when you approach next year, I feel, for me anyway, that is a HUGE motivation to be the best you can all year so that does happen by the end of the year.

In my ASF lifetime (three years) I have been graciously asked to cap three individuals, Camila, Daniela, and Lucia.  While I was in the audience this year, and last year, of course I teared up, I mean I TEARED UP.  MAJORLY.  A few times.  See?  I did not need to cap someone to feel that emotion because they were there with me in my heart without doing anything.  I thought of the times we laughed effortlessly, looked back on something they did that was like, “Whoa.  You just made my year in seeing your talent displayed for so many others to share… or…You have given me the best gift ever and that of being successful, I love you so much for the young man or woman you are becoming and already are.”

So you see, capping ceremony is simply AMAZING.  It is breathtaking, it is a snapshot that freezes the progression of these very young leaders from moving forward and away from you for just an afternoon, just.  Do not think placing a cap on someone’s head in front of a theatre of parents, faculty, and more is an easy thing either, um, if I told you there is a huge technique to it, would you believe me?  Trust me, it is an operation worthy of when I watched my Dad place an engine in a new vehicle overnight, and you think I am joking, lol.  (I loved the fact that me capes (new word) told me that could take the front and I could take the back, I felt I was ready to build a skyscraper.  Yet, they were right.  We released the moment and that hug I gave and received from them, it broke me a little inside but yet there was not better feeling, IN THE WORLD, than that hug. if it occurred on stage, occurred on graduation, well honestly, it did not matter, I just loved the hug.

Of course for me, something that they have picked out and have given me well, is priceless and the same was true all three times, I cherish what I receive in addition to the time they have give me on this special day, but just seeing the and feeling their pride in honoring their ability to share what they have with the future, THAT is the ticket my friends, something I try to put into words here, but I will always fall short on this.

I like to build in other little traditions, just to add to their amazing day but one of my favorite is providing them a letter that they receive to take with them. This year I did get an extra bonus, in helping provide a profile of one of the young ladies as she receives a scholarship, and any chance I can to give these young women an advantage, absolutely YES.  I provided this one particular letter below, and have to let you know, yes, coping with this is mental, it plays on your emotions and mentally prepares you for saying good bye, though I never have been able to quite reach that point even after three years thanks to the “amazingess” of the young scholars we see walk across that stage.

Congrats to everyone, congrats to Daniela and Lucia in my heart as well, and yes, this is Capping…not dental, kind of mental, and full of promise.  🙂

Lucia as artist

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