Dreams and success….

Looking back on New York, the collection of accomplishments makes you proud to know students from ASF cope so well and succeed on their own, once given the tools.  Here is my list that grows the more I think about it:

2014 Convention Schedule-2 – Tiana creating a planner (at the left as that link) for staff to use for the conference to help organize sessions.

Daniela/Karin, Monica, and Sonia/Erika mock presenting in front of staff 2 weeks before liftoff at Columbia.

The above staff presenting to packed conference rooms, fielding questions, and making connections with other schools as a result.

Staff fielding questions generated on their own to individuals in the careers of editing, publishing, drama, stage production, and not simply yes/no answers but what I call “fat” answers that led them to other topics.

Networking and swapping out versions of our magazine with other schools constantly.

Taking in the artistic expressions through the Metropolitan Museum and the MOMA and preferring to do so over the ST. Patrick’s Parade and other choices.

Tracking the information from workshops so staff can see and use this and apply to the future of Repentino.

Staff using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, to broadcast what they have to share with other publications.

The whole staff sitting down with the chief judge of CSPA and learning what their mistakes have been in the past, and becoming wiser and more in tune with journalism and publishing for the 2013-2013 editions the are preparing for.

…and this is just from a 5 minute reflection…as I think on this past week I look back and see that the opportunity to apply the skills we have created, built upon, and developed in three years are finally coming to fruition and the staff is running with talent unseen before, what more could you ask for ?

The dreams part of this post is well, unusual, I have been dreaming, whichI do little, ALOT over the past three days, and maybe I can attribute that to exhaustion?  However from the dream I do recall of getting to one destination, then to another, and finally trying to figure out how to get to a final spot that involved crossing  large body of water, to the dream where I need to find and pick up school age friend Sam Michaels, from Butler, and I go to what I think is his place on top of American Avenue, roaming the side streets and not seeing familiar places, until I come across friends that remind me he doesn’t live here! – he lives near Oneida Valley Dam area! and I head to that area and realize this is where I should have been to pick him up hours ago (and in reality – he lived JUST off American Avenue) – what does it all mean?

I wish I knew thoughI have a suspicion that part of it is the many places we went and walked and headed to in New York somehow combined with my past – dreams – entertaining but a phenomenon.  Kind of like the talent exhibited daily from a dedicated Repentino. staff!



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1 Response to Dreams and success….

  1. salcedoj@asf.edu.mx says:

    Seems like a lot of learning and growth, being witness of students progress is so gratifying. Congratulations

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