Update From the CEO: Our Future in Washington, DC

Exciting changes in the D.C. Aquarium – I miss volunteering in Baltimore but exciting to see plans for a new move in the future!


–As a former volunteer at the Baltimore Aquarium for several years, while the facility outside might look aging, and I agree, it is aged, the amazing staff in Baltimore supplies workers and animals to aquariums all over the world and I would say is hyper sensitive to the needs of all the animals there, parallel to no other staff in the world – yet the opportunity to open a partner location in D.C. is exciting! I hope the funding that went into the renovations for the aquarium when it was taken over at the bottom of the commerce building will not be lost in moving and reinvested in a newer facility. Thanks for the detailed info to keep us abreast of everything and all things transparent! Harry Brake – Mexico City

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update from the CEO - national aquarium

As a friend or follower of the National Aquarium, you probably know about the nation’s original aquarium, located since 1932 in the U.S. Department of Commerce headquarters in Washington, DC.

National Aquarium, Washington, DC

When the building (now called the Herbert C. Hoover Building) opened, one of its unique features was that it housed the fledgling National Aquarium, which had been operated in one form or another by the Fisheries Service since 1873. In its 140 years of existence, the National Aquarium, Washington, DC, has had a long and illustrious history.

Yet, due to major renovations to the Commerce building, the Aquarium must vacate its current space and close on September 30. When that wing of the Commerce building reopens in two years, the space will be taken up by a new pedestrian mall to provide better access to the Ronald Reagan building across 14th Street, NW. Although our Aquarium will welcome its last…

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