2014 Resolutions…

…ah, yes,  the most common thing to say, list, and cover for the new year.  I stumbled across this list from the Blog, Wander Outwards:

20 Resolutions For 2014

1- Stop telling yourself that you’re going to die alone… out loud… everyday.

2-Be more independent when solving your problems. You have 3G and Pleco now.  Not speaking Chinese is no longer an excuse for everything.

3-Cuddle with Harold more.

4- Spank yourself at least once a day.  Your ass was built by blood, sweat, and ripped calluses.  Recognize your achievements.

5-Be more comfortable with women hating you for no reason. Le sigh.

  • 5.1-… And stop trying so hard to be their friend. You’re not fooling anyone. Be excited that you’re crushing it so hard that you have haters. (THUG LYFE!)
  • 5.2-No really. They’re never going to like you. Seriously, just give up.

6-Never skip a morning workout unless you’re throwing up, having an asthma attack, or cuddling with an incredibly respectable man.

7-Wear your pollution mask more.

8-Pay it forward. Help everyone you can, whenever you are able.

9-Make a legit budget you damn fool!

10-Have at least 2 different types of VISA options at all times.

11-Continue to write and have confidence in your voice.  People are listening.

12-Make breakfast for all overnight guests.  You weren’t raised in a barn.

13-Hug everyone you part ways with.

  • 13.1-Eh, eff it. Hug everyone who will let you touch them.

14-Read those articles your mom keeps sending you.  She cares about you enough to send them.

  • 14.1-You should probably skype with her more too.
  • 14.2-Some more texting wouldn’t hurt either. The woman brought you into the world damn it, she deserves attention.

15-Stop freaking out about money all the time.  All of your bills are/will be paid.  Be grateful for everything you’ve already been blessed with.

16-Only surround yourself with people who can handle the spectrum of emotions that is “Vanessa.”  If people can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best OR YOUR AMAZING DESSERTS.

17-Kiss more.

18-Continue to spread the teachings of CrossFit and paleo around the world.

19-Have some effing standards.

  • 19.1-Date busy men. You are not responsible for their happiness
  • 19.2-Stop dating men with “Daddy Issues.”
  • 19.3-… or guys named “Alex.”
  • 19.4-… or Colombians.
  • 19.5-… or guys who don’t workout. Seriously, you spend most of your time at the box/studio, hanging out with your friends from CrossFit/Yoga, or planning what you’re going to do at CrossFit/Yoga. It. Just. Won’t. Work.

20-Continue to develop yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.


However, I did have my own list!  – Some I cannot reveal as I am superstitious about repeating and them not happening.  At the New year’s Eve party, I did take the 12 grapes and and 12 powerful wishes/resolutions that are personal, important, and vital.  I will have to leave those unpublished due to my superstition.  However these are important ones I need to follow this year:

1 – In light of negativity in the form of attitudes, comments, and actions, I will dig deep and be positive and be the beacon of the opposite of negativity, for my own sake and for others around me.

2 – I will develop more my creative writing side, devote more time to myself in this area and attend Creative Writing Workshops.

3 –  Internalize the Spanish language more on a personal level.

4- Develop a strong retirement/investment plant that takes into consideration my overseas experience.

5- Develop time in developing personal business/project pursuits that benefit others.

6- Resist the possible inclination (if there is one) to study anything further as a degree, (after Two Master’s Degrees, I am honesty, TIRED).

7- Get my amazing dogs to see distant locations.

Ta da!   Not your normal list, but it took some time to think about and come up with obtainable resolutions.  What are yours?  Hope everyone has a positive start to a 2014 New Year!




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