Last Vegas, not what it seems…

Of course “Las” and “Last” but the film Last Vegas, along with having Kline, Deniro, Freeman, and Douglas would seem to be a no brainer star-studded movie going grabber, but there is more…

I thought this would be an all out comedy, and let me tell you, there is many parts that will have you rolling….Morgan Freeman especially is HYSTERICAL – but underlying the comedy plot – you walk out realizing…

…friendships, true love, and living life through the years and aging can be amazing, if your perspective is right.  How to make sure?  This film will leave you with the things you have done wrong, but realizing there are many things done right that made it come out all right, and that they still can.  Amid the scandal that Las Vegas is known for, Last Vegas certainly is able to separate the mirage of life with the reality it can be.  There is also the amazing addition of a female role that makes all the difference in this film as well.  Definitely worth the admission price  🙂

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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