C stands for…a change?

As things begin to finally wind down for the year – there’s so much that is deserving of contemplation.  After roughly six years of starting, partially working on, and moving towards a completion of my Mansfield School Library and Information Technology Degree, the final stages are arriving.  The last course, my Introduction to Electronic  Cataloging came to a close.  I have always been driven with a drive to strive for nothing less than an A, and yes, receiving a C in the course, I looked back after some anger, mixed emotions of putting in work that received all A’s, and missing the last two assignments due, that dropped me to a C in the drop of a hat, seconds.  Yet, as is true with so much, there was so much going on beyond just two assignments not being turned in on time.  Being able to get back into the Middle School classroom and teach a lesson on Scott Westerfeld, NANO, as well as finish a literacy lesson at the Lower School on paraphrasing, and maintaining the record of hours for my activity log, along with actually feeling there was an end to the semester of courses, and then in the background alot of other stressful moments working through, I had a talk with my own reasoning and realized…the C doesn’t matter in comparison to the knowledge I was obtaining, the time I put into give the Repentino. staff a boost, a push forward, the time I spent with students over the last few weeks and months, and so much more occurring, I realized this…

My view that anything less than a C was a waste, well I had to lay that aside.  The benefits I reaped along the way despite a letter grade in my course, and knowing I had really tried on all the assignments, as well as analyzing the other activities that occurred around me, I found myself wanting to look past the letter grade and beyond to other aspects, the same thing we want our students to do.  I could not trade the moments I shared with my students in the last few weeks as we saw the 2012-2013 came out, we worked through some issues the students needing working through, and so much more, the C now began to settle into the word content.  I find I still am learning much about myself through others.  Was it disappointing?  Yes, but, it is my responsibility to still keep learning what I feel weak in, and that can’t be defined into a letter grade, and I aim to finish with quality as I slowly close out this period of study that has seemingly lasted so so long.

Last week, I had had it with seeing the straggly hair on Wriggley and Amaya, and to be honest, Kinah was looking a little shaggy herself.  I was recommended from Cynthia Kaplan’s Lucky Dog to take in the services of the Doggie Bus, on the corner of Parque Mexico.  The patience, time, and care they took with Kinah, Wriggley, and Amaya, along with the price for such qualities, unmatched anywhere.  I came in around 1:00 and almost five hours later, some new looking canines emerged and were surrounded by spectators noticing!  The amazing job that they did, the care they gave the three, as well as the bandannas, all added to an amazing grooming experience for the puppies that had NEVER BEEN GROOMED since birth.  So you can imagine.

During the process, I was interviewed by Jean Guerrero, wait, not me, Wriggly, Amaya, and Kinah were publicized and photographed – as the celebrities that are (first Aeromexico Magazine and now the Beacon in Mexico) where I told them the story of Kinah, her pregnancy, and the crazy soap opera that has become the family of three now.

Smelling amazingly clean, and literally seeming like different dogs, we left and they seemed lighter as well as cleaner.  Being able to relax at Sandra’s apartment, the dogs LOVED every stretch of her apartment and immediately made themselves at home, lol.  She helped much with that too!

Alas, it seems they will stay celebrities and that seems fine with me as they had a rough history to get to the point of being polite and having major manners, thanks to Walking Dog as well, an overall collaborative effort!

Lots more to share but thought the limelight special would go well with the pictures I am taking of them wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!  Soon!  🙂


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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