What? Monday July 01? There’s more? Try Alice Walker and Janis Ian!

Believe it or not, despite the awesome workshop and meeting Oliver Stone moment on Monday, there was more, I mean, major cram day but one of the BEST days!

Get this – Meeting and hearing Alice Walker and getting an autographed book from her, AND meeting Janis Ian, IMG_6514who honestly I had NEVER met or known before this – Before my time but my GOSH – her performance AND session was truly

worth the Monday it fell on.

I was amazed at the soft spoken Alice Walker yet her powerful message that was so much larger than her name even.  Seeing the excerpts of her video in the notes below on Alice and Janis Ian make this worth checking out and THEN some…

Monday special speakers

So you can image, after the workshops, meeting special speakers, and trying to absorb it all was a little overwhelming.

The messages of peace, the hysterical moments that Janis Ian talks about commissioned to write a story/song about a mouse to sea, the selflessness



of Alice Walker and the time she was willing to give to people.Alice Walker


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2 Responses to What? Monday July 01? There’s more? Try Alice Walker and Janis Ian!

  1. Forristyna Walker says:

    Please send me your email address. Could not get old computer fixed again; had to get a new one; lost your address.

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