June 29th – First Saturday Session

Saturday June 29th Session 1

AASL Best Websites for teaching and Learning

So far I felt this was one of the most crucial and hands-on workshop from the very beginning when this workshop began. Attached are the detailed Apps chosen in a document,

Saturday Session AASL Best websites for teaching and learning

as well as the details/description that goes with them, AND with the interviews of the owners for some of these apps, this is a great opportunity to use tools that can impact the classroom and students to a great detail.

To carry this further, the following address:
40 Great Apps for Mobile Reference and Outreach

as well as

Kiera Parrott’s Picks from the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning | ALA 2013


ALA LITA Awards and Top Tech Trends 2013 Chicago

This was one of the most interesting workshops to create a lifetime resource for referring to and ultimately using.

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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