Not what you expected?

People say that about the things I write here, and I believe they would believe it sometimes as they are kind of, well crazy.  Makes for good reading and an unusual life…:)  Well this one might take the cake.

I get on my plane for IAD – arrive no prob, make the pickup and check back in luggage AND transfer, no prob, and see myself getting on this very small jet from IAD to Philly, (United doesn’t go straight to Philly so this shuttle was it, wow, I was a little nervous as this was like a private jet!  We literally were zipping along and 30 minutes later back off and I am in Philly!

I go to get my rental car from Hertz, and needless to say, the ton of money I put on my credit card was delayed – um yeah, like for 24 hours meaning all my money, literally, on this American card was well, stuck for 24 hours, and so was I.  I had enough to cover the car, but not the 250.00 extra that had to clear as a security until the amounts I had paid would go through, yeah, in 24 hours, LOL.  What do I do?  I tried Enterprise but they had a 400.00 above the limit needed, I was freaking out now, what the heck did I do?  My amazing luck, the man working for Hertz, who just got off, said he;s suggest Septa, the train, and sure enough, he helped me get a ticket to Wilmington.  Close.  Not there but close.  I loved the train by the way, super cool.

Once in Wilmington, I realized I JUST missed the DART (Delaware bus system) bus to DOVER by 30 minutes, last one of the day, LOL.  No kidding.  I couldn’t find anything else then stumbled across a Greyhound, leaving 3 hours later for Dover.  No way.  Despite the huge time difference, I took it.  then I realized, after I bought the ticket, I had a chance to get a ticket for the stop in Salisbury, MD.

While in the station I let a man making his way to Texas, and a woman with a very thick German accent, use my phone to make their own arrangements to find a way home too.  I have to say, after coming here from a public system that is amazing in Mexico City, I can’t believe how inconvenient the public transportation is in Delaware with how soon it stops running and the limited routes, tonight being a perfect example.  I realized though, I was not the only one stuck in trying to get a way home, and when I couldn’t get wifi to charge my phone, and ran over to the AMTRAK station to do so, and it worked, I was in HEAVEN!

Back to the Greyhound ticket to Salisbury…Even better!  I took it!  Now it is 1:44 AM, and here I am again, another sleepless night, doing the same thing I was doing 24 hours ago, but in Mexico.  Is that crazy?  Crazier I am still kicking…:)   yet, I am in DE, and realize, not having a car is actually kind of cool…so far this only cost me 44.00 plus 15.00 for chicken at the rest stop, and 39.00 to recharge my old tracfone…and hey!  I ran into my to former students at the Royal Farms Store, my first two students since returning, CRAZY!  LOL….Autumn scared the bejeezus out of me when she said hit to me, I couldn’t believe it was her in front of me!

What REALLY worried me was the rain on the way in, hoping it would disappear before the 5k tomorrow.  Can you believe how ironic it is that I was expecting to just pick up the car and drive in, and all this changed everything of how and when I arrived in DE?  LOL…it will be a story to tell for sure, but you heard it here first…let’s see if I can function tomorrow for the 5k!  Anyone thick this trip was going to be boring  (I was hoping…)

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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