The body can achieve what the mind perceives –Ryan Enriquez

Yes, it is 1:39 AM, and I can’t sleep.  This is why..

I leave for Seaford, so nervous, I am seeing family and friends I left so hurriedly that I never got to completely was able to say goodbye in my head, let alone my heart.  I have a chance to see them for one short weekend, but that is like a life time.  I am so excited, and moreso, at an event that honors two amazing people, Dr. Susan Betts and Vince Morris, there is no way this could be an even better reason.  I hope all of you, if you are reading this, will be in some way there Saturday to participate in the Vince Morris & Dr Betts 5k, Dr betts and vince morris app.  I am pumped. I was accepted to create my own non-proft organization called Brakeaway Productions, I receive the tax exempt number the other day and now just some final paper work items, and then the official nonprofit organization is created, allowing me to create events to raise funds for charities in need, this is exciting to me.

Then there is the fact of our magazine Repentino. is taking off. I mean, the staff I have grown so close to, within two years, I love the staff so much and these students have the power to change so much and do some incredible things, and they are LEAVING – graduating in a few short weeks.  I am not sure I am going to be able to say goodbye to them and be happy with that.  I am not ready top say goodbye to them at all, not at all.

Then of course there is the fact that my puppies are amazingly growing at a rapid rate and leaving them for a weekend.  Separation anxiety I think.

Of course there is this…

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 1.38.52 AM

Can you believe the number of visits, 10,016 in what seems a short time?  Each of you have made this blog so successful, and I hope sometime we get a chance to reunite and just chill, I have been honored to reach this mile mark with you being by my side across so many crazy adventures.  I mean CRAZY.  🙂


Courtesy of Alia Suhaimi

The amazing things lately have been putting Repentino. together, our very last OPEN MIC night this upcoming Wednesday with some incredible bands and performances signed up, you will not want to miss this one at all, I am amazed at the lineup – and these students.  AMAZED.  And yes, possibly a guest illustrator that will blow you away, plus a few secrets for our senior staff!


Thanks for capturing me at my best ELISA…(at least I was surrounded by attractive women!)

IMG_4745Of course celebrating the 125th birthday as the oldest American School in Mexico was a huge event Wednesday, and when was the last time I danced like that?  (I felt it today).

What the body can’t achieve, the mind can perceive. 

A quote that my amazing friend Coach Doakes always would say at XC practice, we are seeing this in reality everyday.  Repentino., my amazing friend Osseily Hanna,  with his artistic venture here, if you can spare a few dollars, and everyone does this, this project is going to be AMAZING.  I had the honor of reading a chapter from his book, and trust me, if you can be a part of this by being a donor, you will NOT regret this.

My former principal’s jazz site at WCMD, definitely worth a look at.

And our Slippery Rock students here in Mexico.  Life is hard yes, but sometimes, if you take a step back, you see oh how sweet it is just getting by during what we think are difficult times, with people that allow you to ride the wave of possibility and then some.  I have been that lucky.  Thank you!


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