Congrats to Slippery Rock’s grads today!  Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 6.46.20 PMYEAH!  🙂  They came to Mexico about a month ago, led by Tom Gordon and Jodi Kastafanas (say that five times fast! 🙂 and they, as always brought a fresh breath and new perspective to ASF.  It was AWESOME seeing them and having them here, and as always, it was always not enough time to get to hang with them as I wanted…:)

I was able to spend the time at the Basilica with many of them, and attend their gala which was awesome as well.  Without even being near the campus. I could sense the spirit of Slippery Rock – 🙂  I have to say this from experience, the best thing I EVER did was transfer to Slippery Rock from Edinboro.  This is the thing, I LOVED Edinboro for the Irish festivals, the amazing scenery, and the occasional downfall of snow.  I had to get alot of the partying out of the way, and sure, that did begin to dictate my life, so a transfer was in my best interests.  Dwight Greer helped facilitate much of that and to him I am indebted to opening up a world that opened doors for me. I love that there is this Award in his honor:

“Dwight E. Greer Legacy Award

This award recognizes a student who has made a unique contribution to the campus and surrounding communities by presiding over an organization or program that made a significant contribution to students of color and the community at large.”

From working with the Social Equity Office, to the amazing world of the Writing Center family, I began to grow into a position that molded me into what I envision and strive for today – the studies of English mobile-style – not contained in any one area but able to bring the info to others in many formats, in many areas, in many multi-disciplinary ways.  I NEVER, EVER, have had to worry about a second interview anywhere, as soon as they saw Slippery Rock and Education together, it was like a secret code was given out.  I owe much to SRU, and every chance I get to treat someone that comes from SRU or represents SRU, I feel that is my internal duty.

This amazing group of SRU students did one of the most amazing things after the day at the Basilica, they gave me a gift, I mean, they really did!  It gets better, it came from Wendell August FORGE!  Seriously, if you know this forge, you know the best quality of materials come from this forge, and this was no exception.  Take a look…

Wendell August ForgeHands down, that has been the BEST gift I have received in like YEARS!  I LOVE IT but loved meeting and being with the SRU group more.  The card from Sam, Suzanne, Kaelin, & Marissa Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 6.08.45 PMwas just – GREAT – and I felt so sad seeing them leave so quickly  😦  Congrats on their VERY special day – MUCH deserved – MUCH.

Let’s backtrack a bit – today, FIRST time in well, like it seems FOREVER, that I ran for 30 minutes straight, in shoes that have seen MUCH bette days, thanks Liz O’ Connor.  I felt AMAZING after the run though, like reborn.  I think I can do this on a regular basis with my schedule freeing up now, I am 100% devoted to building back up al the things I used to do in my personal life, traveling, running, and more – but today’s return to a weekend run felt GREAT.

The Open Mioclast open Mic held was this past Wednesday, and I have to say, I can’t think of a group of people I am more proud of than my Repentino. staff.  They work so hard on making sure food is out, prepared, all is set for the night, they have become masters of the Open Mic ceremony.  The seats are not enough for the people attending, and the performances keep getting better.  They are truly amazing and I am so proud, both of the soon to be departing seniors and the returning staff, I am lucky on multiple counts.  Perhaps one of the greatest things has been the advent of the Open Mics celebrating the talent that is right at our doorstep.

There is soooo much more to blog about dating back a few days, so stay tuned, this isn’t over.  By the way, by faaaar my favorite song?  Funky Cold Medina…reminds me of the time I dressed up as one of the Robert Palmer women with three friends (Pat, Curt) for one of my birthday parties, not sure since that is a different song, different artist, but it does.  I could ALWAYS get stupid and act funny when I hear that crazy song, Funky Cold Medina...


Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 7.09.14 PM


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