And you think I am kidding when I say hold on?  Okay, get this, in the past THREE WEEKS – this is /has been the schedule:

Puppies growing as large as gorillas – IMG_4379and one going to a new home  (pic here)  and two hanging out with me and the farm, lol, I need a home for one of these cutie males…ahem, someone, anyone?


Aside from keeping my apartment clean, we have had our ASF basketball team last week KICK major BUTT in the final seconds and win the ASOMEX basketball championship in the COUNTRY!, and I was there all through the competition!  This was following a fit of anger when hardly anyone from my staff showed up for a concession during ASOMEX, then following me not having to be the mascot  😉 (well, maybe except for one day!) – we are in the middle of Library week starting yesterday!  We need your help! – I need you to go into Twitter, and create a account if you do not have ONE! – and add to our ongoing Twitter short story!  This is what you do –

go to, make an account, then type this in exactly:

in the search if you want to see first, check out the lines already written at:

#asflibweek2013 and you will see the lines already started for this Twitter story – at the end, I will have a program randomly pick someone for a prized entry on top of that, I have a program that takes just the entries that go to that hashtag and put them together as one story, how COOL is that?  Okay so to add your line to our story…

Type #asflibweek2013   and then add your next line to our ongoing story

First day of Library week – Monday, we created ribbons IMG_4396thanks to Janet and Gabby and have people writing their recommendations for books on the ribbons, then posting them, it looks WAY WAY cool – so that goes on all this week.  THEN – we kicked off library week with author David Lida coming in at 2:45, to a great sized crowd, students, IMG_4395faculty, those outside ASF, he was AWESOME.

If you would have seen the involvement and questions the students asked, you would have been so proud to have been a teacher in my school at that time, he was AWESOME, funny, intellectual, involved, IMG_4383and everything you could hope for in an author.  He was just a perfect start to the week of Library week (Schedule here) ScheduledeventsforUSLibraryWeek

we are celebrating this week in Mexico City!  So today, yes, wee hours of Tuesday, we have the book swap again, so bring books to swap with others during lunch and Brunch! – and we have the ongoing ribbon recommendation, as well as the Reading marathon with our Kindles, first time in the library! – today!  from 8:00 – 2:45 – straight reading on the Kindles, in Spanish and English – way cool! – and of course, we need you, reading this now, to add to our ongoing short story on Twitter?  Don’t know how?  Silly, look above….

Okay, so that takes us to Wednesday and thanks to May day, we have OFF School giving me a chance to catch up with the last modules of my graduate classes this semester – did I mention that has been going full swing the last few weeks?  Oh well, as if that was not enough, our magazine, our INTERNATIONAL magazine, Repentino.,  being judged after being rated a silver medallist in the prerunning last year from Columbia University, so this year, we are serious about being officially in the top rankings!  We need YOU to believe in us this year and preorder

Preorder form

one of our Repentino. magazines!  I don’t guarantee alot, but I do this, you will NOT be disappointed when you see the submissions from around the world in this amazing magazine I have been lucky enough to advise and work with a staff that, well, just would BLOW YOUR MIND.  If you have not read our blogs about presenting at Columbia University, and putting together these artists from around the world, where have you been?  Please consider purchasing one which will support artists and our endeavor to spread art around the world….preorder forms are here…  and just forward to me, and I will get your copy to you, I promise, it will be the most amazing international example you will ever see…

Spirit Week at ASF then…The BLUE MOON AND the ASF Film Festival seriously…all three within two weeks of each other?..this past Friday (- Blue Moon Festival)  let me tell you, gaining the largest satisfaction from seeing this crazy amount of talent having performed at our Open Mic Nights from our magazine only magnified this one night of talent.  I used to think Battle of the Bands was amazing, and it was truly, that was an operation to put on.  Yet Blue Moon and seeing the talent for this one night show just blows me away, I walked away reeling.  Wait until you see the videos and pictures I will be posting, you will not believe it.

On top of that, yeah, we are planning the Vince Morris and Dr. Betts 5k May 11th which I am flying back for May 10th – and I am going CRAZY trying to not forget the little details – and when I received the trophies I commissioned to be made here in Mexico, receiving them today, I almost passed out, NO ONE will believe how amazing these turned out and people will be scrapping for these, I GUARANTEE THAT, especially that they are homemade…AMAZING.  If you are in the DE area, Chapel Branch, and can run the 5k in memory of Dr, Susan Betts and Vince Morris May 11, you should be there it is an event you will NEVER forget this year, promise.  Dr betts and vince morris app

Okay so is that enough going on in the last three weeks?  Don’t forget the comical adventures of me placing sets of my boxers out on the window to dry and one falling down and me seeing it hanging on the ledge two stories down, wondering “Could I get those?”  why yes I could, I climbed to the roof, lowered a rope with a hangar on the end of it, and BINGO!  I just was able to grab the boxers by the edge with the hangar and pulled to my safety, YESSSS.  Can you imagine the neighbor looking out their window and  seeing a pair of boxers going up past their window – priceless I was laughing the whole time or I would have taken a picture. I think I invented a new competition, long distance crane cranking….I could do it.    There is so much more, but I am ending with the strangest thing, if we actually wrote down our dream that would be amazing, they are forgotten so quickly…I actually took an afternoon Saturday nap, and had the dream I tell below, I promise I did.  It was soooo….just well, you’ll see, I have NO IDEA what it means, but I thought, if I kept a record of writing all the dreams I ever had, I would have quite a crazy book  – no kidding. Next post I will expound on the topics I did not last time, mainly Tesla and Chapel Branch updates before the big 5k May 11.

And before you get tripped out from the dream I had below – get to that Twitter and participate in that ongoing short story, it will be great to have you involved.  🙂  9711 views on my blog to date, just saying…:)

Dream – “In the Roman period, a young man was brought before the ruling party at the time, held firmly by guards.  His punishment was death, and his body would be thrown into a box beside him that contained a contraption that would kill him at the bottom.  He knew this governing group of officials believed in the afterlife, and he bravely stood his ground accepting his fate. He looked around knowing they believed he would be pursued and tortured in his after life as he was being put to his death by force.  He also was aware of their strong belief in their God in the afterlife.  He asked who will be in charge of governing/guarding me in the afterlife?

He looked around, and everyone pointed to a guard of the highest command to his right.  The man looked directly at the highest in command and told him you will be disgraced as I am already chasing your God and putting him to death before you have any chance to protect him, just as you have failed to protect an innocent man here.  Caught unawares, he leaped to his death rather than fighting against the guards who did not expect him to loosen from them to jump to his death.

Without a blink, the emperor looked shocked, then turned ashen.  He had not had a chance to praise his God before the sacrifice of this man, and in turn was disgraced at the hands of this man you showed so much bravery in light of his death.  From then on, the court looked upon the emperor with disgrace and distaste due to the lack of ritual that had been not done before this man’s sacrifice, being worse than the death the man leapt to.

Did he chase this God after his life on earth?  One thing is for sure, his bravery and existence was remembered in a totally positive and different light than the emperor himself.”

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