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PAVEing a Blog

Sunday – I love Sundays, I mean TRULY love Sundays!  I just sat down to take in the dog behavior class, then met someone from the UK that works at Greengates, he was awesome and had three stray dogs (ahem, I am not the only one!)  – then ran into Amy Gallie going to Yoga, and well overall, a great day!  I have begun to take advantage of the things that I often say I do not have time for, – seeing movies, reading whole books, enjoying the view of the air in a park – this is what weekends are all about…As usual, I’ll go backwards a bit…

Saturday, sleeping in, trying out the drink Chai Chiller at the nearby Origenes, then Saturday night  (a GORGEOUS and warm evening for February!) – seeing the movie Mama in Balderas, when was the last time I saw a scary film? Irony…

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