Sunday March 3rd, another day that will live in Infamy….

IMG_3098Oh yes, and you thought you heard it all….

Sunday – 6:00 PM – I am exhausted but relieved that I am making progress on my Mansfield University studies, as well as other work for Repentino.  All of a sudden, a high-pitched whining, scratching, from the living room area.  I go out, and Kinah, yes, Kinah is scratching the heck out of the furniture, oddly enough,after 10-15 minutes of this, my usually calm and restive Afghan, Kinah, was going BONKERS.  “Climbing the walls” was a great description that fit this to a “t”, and I even went to the liberty of recording this on video, to take to the vet, because at this point, that was where we were going, I had no idea what was making her crazy, but crazy she was acting, and then some.

I put her leash on Kinah, and she would not budge, not even an inch, which normally, she was the first one out the door.  I pick her up….carry her, make it to the second floor, and PLOP! – look down and there is a baby puppy lying on the stairs – in the placenta still not moving.  YEAH.  and you think Mondays are a surprise, this Sunday was a carnival.  I was in shock.

A puppy?  Seriously?  I immediately put Kinah down, and she did what I hoped, licked the placenta and sack off the puppy, and BREATHING, the puppy was alive, minus the mess of blood and mucusy substance that was  ow on the stairwell, I picked the puppy and Kinah up and rushed to my truck, and amazingly, I could get the truck out with everyone else usually blocking me in, not today…I rushed to the Vet, he came running out and informed me what I kind of knew on the way over to Condesa Pet Center,  I should not have moved her as this was her comfortable zone for giving birth – (As we now looked at two puppies instead of one in Kinah’s care, in the back of my truck) – I sighed but was realized as the vet told me she will take care of everything she needed to go back home, and unconsciously, KNEW – that I had not known she was pregnant at all – yet, all the things she had done in the last 30 minutes lead to her being just that, major pregnant….

I went back home, asked my neighbors in the bookstore for a box, and newspaper, shredded a homemade bed for them, as Kinah went on to have her third puppy (the vet warned me to expect 6-7 – oh my GOSH) – and I waited it out – yes, as she gave birth in the back of my truck…

However, a neighbor in my building chanced on coming out, and is a VET too, and oddly enough, HAS an Afghan, and told me we needed to get her inside as it is getting cold too cold for puppies who cannot regulate their body temp – now you reading this, cold here is 60 degrees, not the rain/snow/storm all are having with bitter cold like 30 and 20 F – but still to cold for puppies without an internal heater…

…SO before what we assumed would be the 4th puppy, we rushed Kinah, and puppies in tow, into my living room and waited it out.  Looking down, I realized how much blood I had on my shirt, jeans, and shoes, and always wished for a chance to have alot of blood on me to make me look like a mass murderer, check one off the bucket list for me.

After realizing people were looking at me as I made my up and down my building, with well, lots of blood, I redressed – (I could have used this for Halloween, timing….sheesh) …and waited, yet, no more puppies?  Seriously, THREE?  NO WAY, if I had to have puppies galore, I will settle for three, and three is all Kinah had – amazing!

Today is Thursday, four days later, and the puppies are alive and feeding, Kinah is gaining weight and a perfect, I mean, PERFECT mother, – she is awesome.  We have her on a routine that she does go out to bathroom breaks, and feeds her pups, and I have her shored up in my room to be away from the cats for privacy and security, and all are doing amazing.  Yes, pictures, right?  So here are two below, and now, who wants a puppy?  Of course, how did she get pregnant?

Sigh, not on my watch as she shies away from dogs, so my only conclusion is while I was at December she had some play time at Happy Dogs (ironic name) which, I have to say, I should have tried to get her fixed earlier, yet, I was hoping she would be separated and yet, obviously, pregnancy tells all right, so, Happy Dogs is kind of ironic, eh?


Not sure what the other half breed is though we know half Afghan and half?…   What would you prefer?  I would be happy with a Labrador and Afghan mix yet I am thinking the puppies look like, well, PUPPIES right now not a particular breed yet, but they are brown, so, not a white Afghan trait coming through…

And all this time, this post is just about puppies, and not the amazing other things that are occurring, so I will need to save that for next time, we’ll try back today or tomorrow…in the meantime, starting thinking of how you would handle puppies unexpectedly, and if you would like one, I am definitely in the market for finding good, honest homes for these awesome looking puppies, for a deal you can’t refuse….FREE….:)  More thoughts on parenthood later…I am learning to weather this storm of unexpectedness quite well….:)

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 7.56.42 PM

2 hours old…

…by the way, I went back and mopped the stairs, just saying.

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3 Responses to Sunday March 3rd, another day that will live in Infamy….

  1. dolphin says:

    You lucky dog! lol

    • Cynthia says:

      Hi Harry, Congratulations! Please stop by Lucky Dog and I’ll some of our Bruja’s Puppy Brew which is great for lactating moms too. And if you need help finding homes, please let us know. We have a team of vet students working with us who have friends that adopt, and sometimes people stop by our Lucky Dog Movil and ask about adoptions. And keep posting the pictures!

  2. Harry Brake says:

    This is AWESOME! I am getting Kinah fixed asap, she was supposed to be fixed the week she gave birth….:) Let me know when the best time is to stop by! Thank you so much! Sunday possibly? (tomorrow)

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