A Mix of Before and After…

Whew…So many things that were not said before leaving for The National Writing Project, NCTE, and the ALAN Conferences, and so much that happened during and after!

What makes Mexico cool…okay so the Friday before break – that would be the November 16th, I decided to stay in as the last ASF football game (was that the 16th?) – ended in a disappointing halt, getting home SUPER late – so I did not make the dinner I scheduled but plan to do so this week 🙂  – I wandered through the Parque Rio and found…an orchestra!  NO KIDDING!  A full orchestra was playing made up of students, adults a wild mix!  It was an AWESOME – AWESOME Friday night to see so many people in the park, enjoying classical music, and then following you had Flamenco dancing and music, as well as native music that was partial indigenous and partially new wave – it was so relaxing – and well, unexpected.  This is the cool thing about Mexico, you can just BE if you want to, not being owned by work, hours or anything in general – unless you want it to be that way.  When you happenstance across an event like this, you realize, wow – I am falling in tune with things I enjoy and I can make Mexico anything I want it to be!  🙂  This was a great start to a weekend before vacation…

I will start with the tail end of my adventure in NCTE – the last Conference I attended was called ALAN – the Monday and Tuesday of November in Las Vegas, November 19 and 20th – which is an awesome event for meeting authors, understanding YA literature – and overall grabbing connections to curriculum that bring back the power of Young Adult literature.  Below are the pictures I had signed and and having sent back to to school –

Overall, this was a huge success for several reasons…but getting a more personal look into how authors get their ideas, develop them, and take them to print – this is a priceless investment…that only strengthens the ability to reach out and assist in curriculum – and rebuilding resources on the cutting edge where students can tie experiences to studies – synthesis!  🙂

Also, don’t forget to slide over to the right and take a look at our 911 link – the project we are building with interviews and photos that honor heroes from 911- we are making progress!  🙂

New book reviews on the link to the right, titled, “WHAT and WHERE should I read?” – that is the new James Patterson book – awesome awesome lobbyist for reading….

Many exciting things on the horizon – next post, I will share the floats that were displayed on Reforma, but appeared mysteriously on Alavaro Obregon and are still there, way cool!


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