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See You at Harry’s and The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez

Whoa….I just burned through these two books, check out the reviews at the following link : https://harrybrake.wordpress.com/when-i-get-a-little-money-i-buy-books-and-if-any-is-left-i-buy-food-and-clothes-erasmus/ I have about 50 to get through but if they are as all interesting as these two books – wow – I am … Continue reading

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Bitter, we DID just mention that?! Boots, traffic, welcome home :)

Okay, so bitter, we just mentioned that word last post, MAJOR Deja Vous…..however, Thanksgiving SUCKED this year, worst day hands down, WORST.  Don’t believe me?  Get this….I wake up and AGH!  I am home!  This was exciting, and Thanksgiving – … Continue reading

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