Bitter, we DID just mention that?! Boots, traffic, welcome home :)

Okay, so bitter, we just mentioned that word last post, MAJOR Deja Vous…..however, Thanksgiving SUCKED this year, worst day hands down, WORST.  Don’t believe me?  Get this….I wake up and AGH!  I am home!  This was exciting, and Thanksgiving – YEAH!  No deadlines, unless self imposed, ….:)

I immediately started to make plans to head to do three important things 1)Get my laundry 2)Drop off my laundry, 3)Get my permanent credit card and lose my temporary card in Polanco, 4)Get to San Joacquin to drop off a check I earned for SAT – to go into my Delaware account to go towards my tuition.  5)Get KINAH! (It gets a bit complicated, but a challenge, I am doing all this by truck  🙂 )

Laundry – check, I arrived before it opened by 15 minutes, but this is the reason I drive my laundry to Roma Sur, because this laundry is AWESOME – they opened for me and let me drop clothes, off, so far so good….:)  Next stop – try to find Polanco….now this was not – NOT easy – I forgot so after 2 hours of traffic, driving, I found my way to Observatorio – so I dropped by ASF – dropped some wood I promised to the carpentry for a personal project they are making for me (wait until you see this, I am excited, and you will love it!) –  I dropped off the wood, picked up the check, next stop POLANCO!  It was 10:30 now, and unfortunately, my driving /directions skills were NOT in tune – I made it to Polanco, Bancomer, at 2:30 – found a parking spot, only to find when I went into the bank, there is no trace of a credit card with my name on it – now remember, this was a whole 3 months ago and I was told it would be waiting for me, so this was NOT a good crest of the Thanksgiving Day – so I made my way back to my truck to find, oh yes, police were putting a boot on it, and gave me a fine for 498.00 pesos and until paid, no go anywhere, (figuring in my head, I MIGHT not make it to drop my check off, lol)….I trudged back to Bancomer – paid the fee, with the remaining money I had left (90 pesos left!) and then realized I had no idea what I was doing….I had to go back up to the service attendant that helped me, ask her to call the number for them to COME BACK and unboot my truck, then she did so for me, and I so owe her cookies now, lol, and trudged back to my truck.  A corner salesman was still at the same corner when I passed back and smiled and laughed, and while laughter was not exactly what was on my mind, I had to smirk back, lol.  They arrived in about 10 minutes, and I had less than 1 hour to pick Kinah back up, but I set off one more time to try and find the Intercam Office.  A few hours later, and 4:45 PM, I realized I had to give up, head back, and get Kinah from Parque Mexico as that was were the drop off and pick up was.  (Let me say, even the worst day disappeared on seeing her again and seeing how relaxed she was!)

All in all, yes, I was quite furious with Bancomer since this was my THIRD trip to Polanco and it resulted in empty hands again, yet, I am still counting it as 3 out of 4 task accomplished because, well. it was Thanksgiving.  I thought about turkey all day today, and think the closest I came to it was the Sumesa selling turkey bags!  HEY!  That was the 6th thing I did do not on the original list I was able to squeeze in there the trip to Sumesa for household items needed and food, so….chalk that one up….:)

Okay, so I came back home, EXHAUSTED, Kinah in tow, quite happy so this helped!, and I just died when I got back from walking her and in the scheme of things….

Thanksgiving, – well I have to say, I am in an awesome mood again despite these calamities and why?  Why?  I am thankful for the large things that I have accomplished with friends over the last week, as well as the little things like coming back to see Kinah so much more relaxed, giving the kitten a bath, coming back to a more open and clean house thanks to an awesome housekeeper that watched things for me, and look at how many things that are on the horizon regarding our students, projects, and future acclaims, I simply need to be thankful for all this and so much more.  It stunk pretty bad that I could not get back home today to call home for Thanksgiving, and when I did and tried, the Skype won’t let me change my account to add credits, so for now,  I was not able to talk to anyone, or I can’t find my phone charger? – (that is dessert added to my Thanksgiving Disaster Day) but yet. here I am, with all these amazing experiences I will blog about, shared with old friends, new friends, and all things literary listening to Natalie Merchant’s new cd that accompanies the book she autographed for me, I have to say…it sometimes takes a slew of bad things for you to calm down, look back, and count your blessings and things to be thankful for, amid the frustrating.

I have no need to be upset, disappointed, or angry about anything with the amazing adventures, events, and family I have had support me all along the way. One bad day out of the lot of amazing days is a keeper, has to happen and after all, that is life.  Like it or not sometimes it helps to have the amazing days and people in your life to remind you, yep, this one was a stinker but look at what has happened in the past, and what will happen to make this day seem like a drop in a bucket.  I would say that certainly makes up for such a crazy day, and I love being able to reflect on these things at home, and realize, I have my own time and not someone’s else’s time I am enjoying.  So…okay, started out bad, yet, Thanksgiving is still giving back to me year after year thanks to the amazing people that have been in my life.  What is better than that to counter days like this?  🙂

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