Lost in Las Vegas!

WOW!  Kristen Dixie and I are here!  Las Vegas!

I spent Wednesday morning up at 2:00(yes, AM) spent 2 hours planning my NCTE schedule, then packed.  I still felt bad about giving Kinah to the dog care, but I was assured by many she was in good hands…:)  I wish she could talk about her experience…:)

The flight was long, there was a supermodel from Mexico (I know, I should have snapped a picture) that was on our flight, but it seemed the 4 hours were forever!  It was amazing to see the landscape change below, but I was so glad to be off the plane – I was starved!

We ate at the buffet in the MGM/Hotel/casino – my stomach rebelled a bit in the change in food styles ( I forgot that might happen) talked to my friend Greg! (Guido!) – and fell asleep for a “nap” but never woke up until 11:00 PM, and yes, I am a little messed up with the time change, lol.

Wild things, the hotel – MGM Grand is a city in itself – Hooters has a hotel?!  – I love the glitz and glamour of the town, but could not ever want to live here, it seems it is a temporary get a way for sure….:)

I am contemplating the registration tomorrow for The National Writing Project, the day before NCTE officially starts, but we laughed at a funny photo booth  Mrs Dixie and I found, and the amazing size of this hotel….CRRRRRazy!  🙂

I am excited for the adventure of so many educators, and friends attending NCTE this week!  YAHOOOOO!


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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