Details….:) Do they matter?…..but also seeing Jill Biden, getting free ice cream, and sure fire discounts!

There are MANY important details left out of the blog from visiting Rehoboth last Thursday!  🙂  (July 5th!)  Being spoiled by the bus system in Mexico – I planned out my route without a vehicle to the beach -Georgetown – (new bus stop location!) to Rehoboth YEAH!  I loved that the bus stopped outside of Dogfish Head Brewery.

and then I proceeded to go to the Rehoboth Library, asking them anything and everything about Overdrive – wow, they did not buy Kindles for their patrons to use and the circulation statistic went up like CRAZY – so people did go crazy of having access to Ebooks, I m thinking Mexico will not have the amount of people and numbers that the U.S. has, but there still was a major increase – so that is good news for us!

I then proceeded to shops along the main strip – camera store gone – I was hoping to get a tutorial on the new camera a acquired – the Rebel T3i (It is AWESOME) – but then came across Browse About Books in Rehoboth, and good thing!  Jill Biden was signing her book – wow!  the VP’s wife (as Delaware claims the VP from Delaware)  AND – I took part in the FREE, yes, free, ice cream (YUMMMY!) and then as I walked on amazed I just saw the VP’s book and her book signing, found a new, (gasp!) fries place on the boardwalk!  Bricker’s!  GET THIS – yes, it is not Thrasher’s but – they tasted the same – I mean the fries were AWESOME and only 6.00 for a huge bucket!

TIP – when you are near a beach go to the local library, and pick up an edition of their local beach guide….it has hid away secret coupons for tons of free items and discounts!  I was able to get a free drink with the fries, and then later, after purchasing towels and some sun tanning lotion, SPF 50 – I have been FRIED! – after the beach stopped by the world famous The Ice Cream Store which has flavors from Bacon, to ever type of fruit, to Frappe’s – I chose a rd raspberry smoothie with vanilla ice cream frappe!  It ROCKED!

Even though it was hot, it was an awesome beach day!

This weekend taking DART is bad – get this – ONE bus goes ONE to the beach ONE time per day – and that is IT!  AND – none from Seaford to Georgetown, just from Georgetown to the beach area – what kind of transportation is that? That means NO ONE from Seaford can go to the beach – on the weekend, unless they catch the bus from Georgetown – CRAZY – why?  Why should you be forced to catch the one and only bus that goes to the beach, could there not be at east a morning AND an afternoon bus?  That seems crazy not to provide this!  True, roundtrip service is only $2.10, but no good to use it if you can only catch ONE on the weekend and miss that, out of luck, IF you can get to Georgetown, which is almost 15 miles from Seaford – so that definitely limits people t where they can go….very frustrating if you want to catch the beach and this is a HUGE contrast to the availability you can get in Mexico!  I am being spoiled!

If you think if it, the gains they make in utilizing the eco-bici throughout Mexico, as well as the many forms of public transportation – wow – lessons that can bet a ken away to better communities!  I just would like to see Delaware as a smaller state allow routes to the beach areas be more accessible more of the time!

Hitting the beaches again in Bethany, even under the duress of the weekend schedule, as well as on Sunday were GREAT! – VERY very relaxing.  Places I am adding to the list of restaurants is Five Guys – (Awesome beach burgers and fries, it filled me up with that meal!) – Star Gate Diner – amazing, Monday they have life guitar and singing talent in the diner, what used to be the Golden Corral, I had steak, potatoes, fried zucchini, and what an improvement over the Golden Corral!  WOW! – and Southern Grille for breakfast – DELICIOUS – yum yum yum!  It was awesome seeing Monse and Victor come in, where she works, as Coach Doakes and I were enjoying a DELICIOUS breakfast!  I never realized how much I missed eggs sunny side up!  YUM!

Eating at Alfredo’s rocked as the originally made stromboli was absolutely on the spot appetizing as the owners had sons that were my students, (the Fascelli’s) and I loved coming to Pizza King to take in their pizza twists – yummmmmmmmYYY!  Some things about Seaford bring back awesome appetite memories, lol.

This upcoming weekend will be full of getting items out of the storage pod I have  – selling them – selling them like crazy, and reducing my pod storage to what will be a small storage bin!  I hope by next week to have the plans ready to insure my truck, as well as get it back on the road – and then been mapping and buying let minute items I want to grab and take with me!  (jeans, shoes, items for the apartment, swifter !  LOL – kitchen appliances that are a few the rest GONE! – )  it will be a relief to clear this accumulation of years into dust and thin my claim on that fateful word – MATERIALISM, lol.


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