Returning to Delaware – it’s funny how you think you know how you will react – for me, mixed emotions took over but I had no idea how I was going to be – anymore – how are any of us when we change so much of what we thought we knew of ourselves – what happens when that shatters? – changes, right before your eyes?  🙂   These are some of the things I struggle with as I am sure I am changing and have changed and still trying to finding that meeting place if who and where I am…:)

Wednesday was my first true day at the beach – I rushed to Bethany – and there are some memories you never change – somewhere in the mix – there is things I do not want to let go of – the smell of the salt in the air, the and as you step so far to a certain point and you feel on your cheek the change in the wind and you know – before you see it, you can hear it – the waves, the hiss of the water hitting the rocks, then – when the heat seems to burn through your shoulders – the water  – it has to be the alternative – and you know the stance – grabbing the courage to edge in slowly, – inch by inch – the shock of the water biting your ankles – yet – you know what happened when you let it completely immerse you – relief!  – There is something about that initial reaction to the water that hits you – but et saves you – it is so hard to explain – but the initial taste of the salt, and the water that shocks you as you go under that incoming wave – it is one of the best escapes that truly slips you into your own space – away from everything and everyone – and the freedom to go back and forth into the tide – it literally sways you into a lullaby sense of relaxation – the most amazing aspect to me has been the beach and the saltwater that is so addicting, that being addicting to running, ice crew, and so many other things….:)  Being immersed in the feel of the aspects of the East Coast – aspects I never had the chance to truly take in without feeling I had somewhere to be, somewhere to go, assignments to check,  truly – the chance to see your surroundings without the stress of cutting the time to take it all in – cutting your time so much that you miss the things that matter and tell you something about yourself – that sees to be what immersion means to me – the day at Bethany – my first opportunity to visit what I feel in love with in the first place – then again on Thursday – and on again on Saturday – back at Bethany – the smell of the cocoa butter, the laughter of the children, the whole scene – I know the temperatures have been soaring and there have been so many complaints- yet there are so many aspects I didn’t realize that meant so much to me!  – From walking through Chapel – hearing the wind in the trees – seeing and hearing birds and the thickness of the woods – and truly – just like C.P. mentioned – if you listen closely the wind in the trees do talk to you, and remind you of aspects that we often overlook –

I find myself in a quandary – working anywhere except in Mexico would be a portion of myself that would  not be complete, but I would not be complete without the sway, smell, and taste of the Eastern Shore – it’s amazing what happens when you slow enough to take in the things that matter – I am lucky enough to have that happen at the Eastern Shore…:)

I love the technical aspects of Delaware I cam across.  I feel that you will be surprised in a future post of all the exciting things Mexico has when summer on the eastern shore is not so alive!  🙂

Why Live In Delaware?

Bethany Beach made Travel & Leisure’s Best Secret Beaches on Earth list

There are many great reasons to call Southern Delaware home. Here are a few of our favorites.

Significant Tax Advantages

  • NO State sales tax.
  • NO State tax on SocialSecurity income.
  • NO personal property taxes.
  • One of the lowest property tax burdens in the nation! Sussex County homeowners taxed on 50% of property’s current market value based on a 1974 assessment and with no property tax increases for over 21 years, the average 2011 Sussex County property tax bill on a single-family home was only just over $100 annually. (Sussex County Government News Release May 18, 2010)
  • Kiplinger’s PERSONAL FINANCE Magazine picks DE as one of the 10 most tax-friendly states for retirees.
  • Pension Exclusions: For each person 60 and over, up to $12,500 of pension and eligible retirement income are exempt from Delaware income tax.
  • Each qualified homeowner 65 and older in Sussex County receives a Senior Citizen Property School Tax Credit up to $500.
  • $110 in tax credits multiplied by the number of persons age 60 and over, plus the number of personal exemptions allowed for Federal purposes.
  • America’s Most Wealth Friendly States: Ranked as one of the top four states (with Alaska, Nevada, and South Dakota) as being the Best States for Trusts. Major reasons: No tax on assets held in a trust, allow dynasty trusts permitting assets to pass to future generations and avoid estate taxes, seek to protect trust assets from lawsuits and creditors. SOURCE:
  • Corporate Capital of the World: Delaware’s pro-business tax and corporate laws have made it a corporate haven. As of November 2010, nearly 900,000 companies are charted as Delaware corporations. ln the last seven years over 80% of new ln¡tial Public Offerings (IPOs) have made Delaware their corporate home.

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