Wild rush of….Return…

Okay, this is the day I wondered about, returning to the states after my first year – mixed thoughts and emotions.

Honestly, I don’t want to leave.  I have found a new philosophy of life, work, and individuals that I only imagined about when I had in my mind, culture, multiculturalism, diversity, open mindedness.  I found it here in a place I never knew I would.  I can’t put into words the experiences I have had here and how they have exceeded what I expected.

I do miss my close friends and students in the U.S, alot.  However, I see myself returning to the U.S. with a different set of eyes, which allows me to enjoy the places, events, and scenery like I never have before, as I was too busy.  There is a statement in there that is a philosophy of life….:)

I am thrilled to be attending what I consider my first students’, (the first one that made me say, WHOA!) wedding, and some exciting things will occur as a result of that, I am super excited.  I love flying into my cousins in Takoma Park, it gives me a sense of calmness and excitement being able to enjoy the location of their place, I always tried to scape there when I needed to calm down and just recollect my nerves after how trying school became…the same feeling of calmness occurs there!

I plan to lay low and to just take in the scenery I often took for granted being in Delaware.  Beaches, the water, the seashells, the seafood, all of it.  I want to get my running game back, enjoy Chapel Branch in solitude and the quiet it offers, and just again, take in the things I never could because I became too busy.  I am excited to visit for sure, but I already miss some of the aspects of Mexico I will be leaving!

I began to go back and add the restaurants I forgot to add to my list of 100 in a year and although I did not reach 100 yet in a year, I made a good run.  You will want to check out the newest one I added today, as well as the ones I will go back and add that I did not yet.  The menu of those is to the right of this area – just the 100 restaurants in a year link, and you will see a wide variety – the cool thing was this did not turn out to be just about restaurants, but each restaurant revealed a piece of Mexican culture as well, I am sure there is a book in there based on that, lol.

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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