Upcoming trips through and around Mexico! Peter Winckers!

Here’s the extensive list and dates of upcoming excursions!

Hi all,

Herebye we would like to invite you to our upcoming day trips, tours and holiday packages :-).

  • This Saturday, 30th of June – Day trip to Africam Safari & Town of Cholula (near Puebla; great vulcano views!)
    • Why would you go to an African Safari in Mexico ?? Well, just to have one of the best days of your life !
    • Africam Safari is the most important Safari in Latin America. We are sure you will live a completely different experience from that of traditional zoos, as you can go deep into African-like paths in the fascinating wild world on a safari-like trip. It is YOU who will be observed by more than 5,000 eyes !

    • You will travel among several sections where we will drive among giraffes, antelopes, zebras, rhinoceros, deer, Bengal tigers and lions, among others, in refuges specially designed to resemble their natural habitats. Here you can live with more than 2,500 animals and 350 species worldwide into the wild !
    • After the Safari we take you to the lovely town of Cholula, home of the largest Pyramid in the world, with the beautiful Nuestra Señora de los Remedios sanctuary on top of it. We will also take you to the town center, were you can enjoy amongst others the 16th century monastery of San Gabriel. Be prepared for some amazing vulcano views !!
    • My Mexican wife Lidia Herrera & my self (Dutch) will join you on the tour to make sure that everything will go smoothly. The price of this day tour is 500 Mexican Pesos and includes transport and the entrance to the park.
    • Click here for a virtual tour / online pictures of Africam Safari and here for Cholula
  • Saturday 7th of July – Day Trip to the beautiful Natural Water Park `Las Estacas`
    • The aquatic park Las Estacas came out of your dreams and became reality in the tiny Mexican state of Morelos. The park is sunny, breezy, lush, fun, and relaxing, all rolled into one. The focal point of this park is a sparkling, clear, cool, artesian fed river that borders on much of the bathing and sunning areas. There is a slow, steady current that makes floating delightful and swimming upstream exercise.

      The river is perfect for a lovely swim – right after you get used to the coolness, which makes it wonderfully refreshing. It’s not so cold that you get goosebumps; our “experts” guess that it’s around 75 to 80 degrees (23 to 26 degrees Celsius), or just a little cooler than a lap pool. The depth is around 7 feet (approximately 2 meters) in most areas and much deeper in pools. The pool in front of the rental area is 20 feet (6 meters) deep with a platform built for jumping or diving. Peaceful little fish ranging from 2 to 30 cm glide around the sparkling depths. Every few meters there are artfully constructed retaining walls with “stepping stones” below them that maintain the natural look yet provide easy access and exit points for swimmers.

      The design of the rest of the park supports enjoyment of the river and provides for activities pleasing to everyone. The sunbathing area has a perfect grass lawn for lying in the sun and a cement “boardwalk” equipped with ladders for exiting the water after invigorating cannonball leaps. It’s easy to move around the park, yet there are plenty of surprises as you round a bend into a new area. The landscaping is a balance of very tall, elegant palm trees and other vegetation creating semi-private gardens separating large, grassy open areas. The partially shaded grassy areas are perfect for kicking or tossing a ball around and make it easy to play. Every area is perfectly mowed and raked and you can go barefoot all day long.

      Despite the fact that it is perfectly manicured the park still feels natural, especially along the river because it is shaded by a variety of flowering trees common in Morelos.

    • My Mexican wife Lidia Herrera & myself (Dutch) will join you on the tour to make sure that everything will go smoothly. The price of this day tour is 570 Mexican Pesos and includes transport and the entrance to the park.
    • Click here for a virtual tour / online pictures of Las Estacas.
  • Sunday 8th of July – Spa Day to Cuernavaca
    • Pamper yourself during a luxurious day in the best Spa in Cuernavaca !
    • You can use the 2 swimming pools and green zones of this 4 star hotel / spa; with free use of Tennis, Squash and Volleyball courts + the Gymnasium. Includes a free Temazcal (Authentical Aztec Sauna) + Jacusi + fresh fruits afterwards. You will return reborn !! Let us take you there for just 650 MXN; transport from Mexico City (just 1,5 hour away) and all the services and facilities mentioned incluided.
    • Have a look at our Online Pictures to obtain an idea of the excelent facilities.
  • Saturday and Sunday 14th & 15th July – Weekend Tour to Morelia
    Ask for our program and price !!
  • 20th to 22nd of July – Weekend tour to Guadalajara & Tequila Express
  • Ask for our program and price

Holiday Packages (ask for the programs and prices):

  • 7th to 15th of July – Riviera Maya
  • 14th to 22nd of July – Huesteca Potosina
  • 15th to 22nd of July – Chiapas Increible
  • 4th to 12th of Agust – Oaxaca Natural
  • 25th of Agust to 4th of September – Europe Tour !! (London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam + more 🙂

Offers 2 x 1 Flight and hotel to all mayor tourist destinations: ask for the programs and prices

More tours and holiday packages can be found on our website: www.AztecaTTA.com

Kind regards,
Peter & Lidia
Directors Azteca Travel Tours-Art
2621-0387 (Office) 04455-1308-3732 (cell phone)


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