Defining Moments…

One word came to mind today and a particular definition:

“Passion – boundless enthusiasm” – I love this.  Today seemed to be a record day for many reasons that honestly, I did not even realize until later – but think of this –

Less than a year ago – I uprooted everything I knew – after 6 years and moved to Mexico, having NO idea what I was getting myself into – yet – I found myself surrounded by teachers that had a passion and were from all over the world – I mean, where can you get something so exciting in an educational setting – and here we are today – many of these teachers are heading to Dubai, Portugal, Korea, and regions that are simply amazing to think about.  I have changed so much, and found, that I try to escape the formal goodbye’s because I do not want a goodbye to be a sealing end, I feel their strength and abilities will go to these parts of the globe and come back – they are that passionate about what they do.

It is so exhilarating to have been surrounded by a group of people that feel so – yes – passionate about what they do, what they see, and what they do to impact and influence others around them.  It’s funny, I am used to hearing the constant barrage of complaints, distress signals being sent out about this situation, that situation – yet this group of educators willing to push into the unknown, and go for what they see as improving the future – and having this risk taking of all parts of the globe, – I have to say it has been unlike any experience I have been involved in with education – and I have to say, my heart aches for gratitude with just being around these individuals for one year.

Let me go one step further, being surrounded by an amazing group of students, passionate about making a difference and taking risks, in less than one year I am hooked on being surrounded by such a talented young, hysterical, and fun group of individuals that I am quite amazed – yes, some come from amazing families that I just am in awe of, yet, each one of these young students have such an amazing set of talents – it would make the average teacher cry in disbelief.

I love the word passion – it is so general that it can take into consideration teaching, learning, leading, performing, expressing, and that is just the beginning…

I have been blessed with genes that still amaze me, I am able to not exercise then pick it up like I have been doing so and jump back into a routine and jump back into shape faster than I should be able to – my Dad’s energy, metabolism, and will to make a difference ebb in and out of my waking moments; I can never obtain a gift as generous as this that he gave me.  I have this knack for making some incredible friends I could never weight in gold – his gift passed onto me is perhaps one of the best things I have ever been given – combine this with a will of steel and an ability to see the good in others, the ability to have foresight and mike discerning decisions handed down from a long line of my mother’s genes – what could I possibly want more than I have been given.

No matter what the situation, no matter what the adversity, there is a huge difference between dealing with situations and working through them, and being passionate about them.  I am fortunate enough, through many twists of fate, to be immersed by individuals that are passionate about so many things, literally, my cup runneth over.  Yes, you may be moving to another side of the globe, but your spirit, your positive outlook, your contagious smiles and will to keep pushing forward definitely roll over any of the negative and pessimistic waves that exist – goodbye is not truly accurate – you have left a piece of yourselves thanks to your passion and optimism.  What possible gift could you possibly want to add to that? – In our heart of hearts, we always carry a piece of a person that has impacted us so much, add several characteristics of those people together, and there is NOTHING that will stop a vision, a positive attitude and passionate drive to achieve anything.

On the most negative days, remembering those that have come in our lives and affected like this make the day shift fast forward into positive – and the future is up for those willing to make the most of it…

Hey!  I promised a story about a Scottish man!  🙂  Okay, (this will sound like a joke, it is not, promise!)  – We are walking in Centro, a bright sunny day – and we are on a corner, and a man is walking towards us with a slightly confused and lost look on his face, and we enter into that eve cautious question – do you speak English?  Yes!  We end up walking to Centro, and find out he’s in the country for his job – we exchange details about living in Mexico, he shows us his beautiful little baby, informing us its his first time away from his child – we realize we have found an incredibly kind and gentle soul.  I am thinking – (and pinching myself) I am in MEXICO!  I am really in Mexico and – how can I ever rally truly process how cool this is with the amazing people surrounding me? – Alina – one of the most amazing students I ever met is in India right now – helping people less fortunate than most of the population, My friend Glenn is ready to travel there again for his second tour among orphanages, some of the most passionate (kind of like Pee Wee Herman’s word of the day when I say that!) – teachers I have met in a far are going to change the areas as far as Korea, students pouring in to be part of a magazine that will reach the far reaches of the globe – students that just are amazing when given a chance – and I am in MEXICO – sometimes it truly seems to be surreal – and then I realize, each of us has something deep down we are passionate about – and if we are lucky enough, we let it carry us to ideas we have only dreamed about –

I walked away that day from this man we met from Scotland realizing, there are so many people that we meet, by accident and by fate, that will change ourselves if we just let them – that to me becomes passion and defining moments rolled up in one, I am thankful for every one…:)



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  1. So nice to hear you are having such a great experience, sounds like Mexico can be a truly magical place. Really looking forward to meeting these fabulous teachers and students!!

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